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In the US, only about 53% of small companies currently possess a website. Around 19% of these businesses cite cost reasons to not run a site. They’d be surprised to know that they can build and host a WordPress site for less than $100. The best part is you don’t have to employ a website design and development company to create and maintain your WordPress site. In this article, we discuss whether WordPress or HTML is better suited for creating and hosting your website.

WordPress or HTML? The Role of Web Developers in Choosing

1.   WordPress Can Save a Lot of Money

You may have to shell out up to $25,000 to hire professional HTML website developers to build your site. On top of that, you’d need to cough up hosting and maintenance fees which means you could end up utilizing a major portion of your marketing budget just for your website.

WordPress is a better option than HTML for small to medium-sized companies because it is simple to set up and affordable, and even lay users without web design skills can easily develop and manage a website using this content management system (CMS).

2.   Build any Type of Website

WordPress developers can build much more than just blogging sites. This CMS can be leveraged to develop social networks, business websites, and beyond. In fact, top global brands such as Xerox, AMC, Bata, and Sony Music are using this CMS to power their websites that attract millions of visitors each month. HTML doesn’t offer this kind of scope and versatility.

3.   No Need for Professional Assistance

Maintaining a site involves plenty of work as you need to continuously upgrade it to the newest standards, make it mobile optimized, deploy reliable security to thwart hacking attempts, and constantly add new content and pages to it. Hiring expert web developers for these tasks is expensive. WordPress scores over HTML as it allows you to update it with a single click, deploy security plugins to shield your site, and manage all the site pages on your own. Thus, it enables you to save a lot of time and money.

4.   Five-minute Setup

You can install WordPress and launch your website within five minutes. Most web hosting services present one-click install that lets you deploy this CMS swiftly. Plus, they offer hosting plans specific to WordPress that install the program for you and permit you to instantly access the CMS dashboard to begin working on the website. Easy setup and use is another advantage of WordPress over HTML which is more difficult to manage.

5.   Ideal for Lay Users

Unlike HTML, WordPress is beginner-friendly. Even novice wordpress developers without coding or web design skills can use this CMS’s simple user interface to manage their site from one dashboard. WordPress’s Live Editor feature allows you to add new media, pages, and posts to your site. Go the Appearance tab to customize your website’s look by adding new menus, headers, widgets, and background.

6.   Continuous Updates and Support

Knowledgeable web developers appreciate the fact that WordPress is open source but offers a premium grade user experience. The CMS is supported by a vast user community across the world. You can get assistance from them to resolve any issues with the software and to get answers to your queries. Automattic, the vendor that provides WordPress, introduces at least three important updates to the platform each year. Plus, your application is also automatically updated with minor upgrades too. The best part is all these advantages are offered free, unlike HTML.

7.   Mobile Compatible

HTML website developers need to generate a separate version of the HTML site for tablets and smartphones. WordPress is a better choice as it is completely responsive and provides support for all screen sizes and mobile platforms. In addition, the CMS offers pre-optimized premium themes for mobile devices.  

8.   Assured Security

With WordPress, you can simply install a plugin to provide enterprise-grade security to your site. WordPress plugins like iThemes Security assist to deploy robust passwords and guard your website against malware, hackers, and other cyber dangers. You don’t have to hire specialist WordPress developers as you can install the security plugin yourself. If you need help, detailed guides are available on the internet to show you directions.

Scope of WordPress Website Development with Website Design Development Company

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