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Are you still stuck with sharing, editing, and organizing your company files in your old, outdated system? If that is the case, your team isn’t minting the benefits that SharePoint services come with and isn’t coming up to its productivity potential. Earlier, the highly tech-savvy approach towards document collaboration and management involved using the system of shared file users that was accessible on your company server. Thanks to the tools like Microsoft SharePoint that makes the process more efficient and much easier.  

To understand MS SharePoint in simple terms, it is a resource that allows the employees to create websites wherein they could store, share, organize and access crucial business information from every device. If you wish to understand why SharePoint why investing in SharePoint is good for any business regardless of the size, check the following five points mentioned below:  

What do you understand by SharePoint?  

If you are operating a business running across many locations, it could be difficult to ensure that every employee comes with instant to their critical documents and business intelligence they need. With the help of MS SharePoint, the concerned employees can open, look into, review and edit further share documents from anywhere across the world. This indicates that your office people, both on-site and remote workers can enjoy the same kind of convenience. All they would need is one web browser. In the case of the uninitiated, this platform works similar to Google Drive with the only difference that it would come with multiple tools plus features that enable it a multi-faceted and more advanced solution. It can work as one library or storage of shared files, blog sites, web CMS, also and an intranet. It would also come in multiple versions that include SharePoint Online and SharePoint Server, an essential version of Office 365.  When you would open one new team site on SharePoint, some of the features you could include are:  

  • Seamlessly integrating with the other apps in Windows 
  • One web interface 
  • Searching and indexing 
  • Check-in/and check-out of document 
  • File versioning 

Why do you use SharePoint? You could use it for any kind of endeavor to get your organization together. Right from internal communications to project deliverables you can store unlimited data and save on MS SharePoint services.  

As for the benefits of MS SharePoint solutions, let’s check the five most important ones.  

  1. Better Data Management 

Research has revealed that an average worker usually spends 28% of their workday reading and answering the emails that come in their inbox. That’s a rough estimate of 2 and half hours and some 120 messages for employees each day. This is a clear sign that the employees today are hovered by data at all checkpoints. It’s either email, requests of customer support, writing minutes of the meeting, marketing reports, etc. Organizing the entire thing could be tasking and even if you create an elaborate system of filing on your PC to track all the work-related documents if an off-site worker needs access to one of the files, how would he/she do it. This is where your SharePoint would come to the rescue.  

Within few seconds, the users can take charge of the exact data they require, without the need of running through tons of documents they are not in need of. If you use the online cloud-based SharePoint, your employees can do so from anywhere and at any point in time. Also, your SharePoint solutions will integrate with the new pattern of data management so that you could integrate with Microsoft Office Suite that comes with a complete package of Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook along with MS Exchange Server and MS Unified Communications.   

  1. Business functions are simplified 

If you think about the workflows that you need to manage in your daily business activities, like:  

  • Routing of an item or document to receive approval 
  • Collection of feedback 
  • Signature collection 
  • Tracking of a task, project or issue 

With SharePoint, you receive several out-of-the-box workflows that are designed towards automation of the processes and much more. Employees can also integrate them with certain familiar types of client applications, web browsers, and email programs for seamless and consistent UX.  

  1. Data Security and Regulatory Compliance 

Right from the legal to healthcare to financial fields, several industries are there where professionals have to adhere to strict guidelines and regulatory requirements. Many of these requirements need to follow workaround control of the effective document. Specifically, one must have measures ready to ensure that only users who are authorized are all given access to confidential client and employee data. With SharePoint, you can specify security settings that have compliance with regulations across all checkpoints. You could also set auditing and storage policies plus actions to take at the time when your business records are expired. This will enable your organization to have compliance, while simultaneously managing and controlling critical information ineffective patterns. Even in the event, your business doesn’t work around stringent compliance measures, it is still important that controls on your company’s data access are placed. With SharePoint, you can set specific permissions that would allow you to have control over:  

  • Web applications 
  • Documents 
  • Lists 
  • Folders 
  • Sites 
  1. Content Delivery that is optimized 

Right from the media specialists to blog writers, there are several kinds of business users that work behind the scenario to optimize the content strategy of your company. A successful one would need on-time approvals, feedback, and edits from your staff. If you rely upon the network that consists of disparate folders so that robust content control can be delivered, there’s all likelihood of falling short. It could be tough to understand who touched the document, and how many times it has been reviewed. If you invest in SharePoint, you receive immediate answers to all the questions plus more. With seconds users can create plus submit content for their approvals. In case you prescheduled your content so that you could go live on your internet or intranet sites at a particular point in time, it would ensure that you never would have to wonder in case your article has gone through the needed review stages before. In case you are a global company having multilingual content, the SharePoint services are also capable of doing this task.  

  1. Collaboration that you never saw before 

Even in case you have employed just a handful of people, it is highly essential that these teams all understand how they are supposed to collaborate and communicate. In case they don’t have access to resources that can facilitate this requirement, it is all really easy that discord and disarray emerge. This is mainly and specifically the case when it comes to document control. As mentioned earlier that in case of discord and disarray, if SharePoint software is installed, its features can control that element that tracks each and every edit made to the document, while maintaining the time it occurred and the individual responsible for it. Moreover, it is accessible only a single person at a time so that duplicate work can be prevented. Co-workers could share their updates and files in real-time so that the collaborative effort is improved.  


Utilize the essential features and benefits of SharePoint so that your organization can grow. There is a specific reason why most Fortune 500 companies prefer SharePoint. If your company wants to strike a golden ticket towards improved functionality all across, right from data management to searching colleagues, the software would include a range of solutions that are meant to enable corporate teamwork as successfully as feasible. SharePoint Software is the today and future of all the successful and striving organizations.  

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham is a Senior Digital Marketing Manager at ParamInfo Computer Services Pvt Ltd. He is passionate about topics such as SaaS, productivity, Android and iOS, general technology, and business.

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