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An increasing number of organizations are investing in managed security services for their security budgets. When there is a constant threat, it requires expertise and security talent, and still, there is a huge imparity to look for qualified talent also a need for managing plus monitoring security threats and incidents on a scale of 24X7.  

Understanding the Managed Security Services 

With the managed security services, you would include outsourced monitoring plus management of all your security devices and systems. An MSSP can manage your event management and security incident tools, Intrusion Prevention Systems, Intrusion Detection Systems, firewalls, vulnerability, anti-virus, also compliance management, plus more.  

Businesses use MSSPs so that they could offload the tedious work to manage and monitor hundreds and more security events in a day. In the event, your business lacks resources for in-house, skills, or even the time to check or monitor plus manage your security environment non-stop, in that case, managed security services are highly beneficial.  

Businesses use MSSPs so that they could shove off the tedious to maintain and monitor the huge number of security events and incidents in a day. In case your organization finds itself incapable of receiving resources for in-house security, the expertise, or even the time so that it could monitor plus manage the security environment at a constant pace then the security services are a highly beneficial option.  

Fully Managed vis-à-vis Managed Security Services  

There exist two types of managed security services – Fully-managed also co-managed security services. 

Fully Managed – the security services network enabler provides its own security technologies also manages plus monitors all the security events that are brought about from these tools plus technologies. In case you belong to a budget restrained or you are short of internal resources to learn plus manage the latest technology array, then the fully managed security services are probably the best fit.  

Co-managed – In case your business owns a huge number of security technologies also is short on the internal security resources that are needed to keep a tab on these solutions on a daily 24X7 basis, then your co-managed security services are better and helps more. You could gradually tone down the monitoring plus management of the technologies at the back in-house with your organization rising and you could build a Security Operations Center. With the help of MSSP, you can educate also inform about every single tool’s feature, functionality also its setup within the best configuration. Also, co-managed security services enable you and your team to focus on several other strategic security assignments thus offloading the high-intensity job of managing plus monitoring the events while on non-business hours. Thus, several MSSPs have to offer 24X7 coverage.  

Methods of Monitoring Threat and Managing  

The landscape of today needs continuous monitoring plus investigation of threats. Security data gets collected from several sources where MSSP could use this towards identifying correlations within your security incidents, finally, pinpointing faults plus malicious activities.  

There would be a team of security analysts within an MSSP that would evaluate the security data also identify if all these incidents should get turned into security events that come with alerts. In such a case, tickets would be opened plus notifications conducted according to each escalation profile escalated. This would set a priority plus notify properly, forming a kind of incident response notebook for your business.  

A provider with managed security services needs to have security analysts who are trained so that they are trained in threat hunting. Threat hunting is “the active pursuit of any abnormal activity on the servers plus endpoints that could be signs of a compromise.”  

A common approach that most of the in-house security employees work on is merely waiting for one alert. With the approach of threat hunting, the security provider diligently looks for network activity, unusual activity at the endpoint, and Indicators of Compromise. The MSSP analysts would not wait for the alerts or even the security incidents but maybe proactively lookout for anomalies plus malicious activities.  

Event Investigation and Incident Response 

Once you have created the security alert, the team at MSSP would work on remediation of the incident. You could have your internal security team thinking about the other necessary security tasks. Offloading the incident response to one provider would allow your organization to speed up the handling of incidents that earlier would need multiple shifts or maybe days.  

Think carefully of the time it could take to curate the software, push those new AV signatures, find out every aspect of the security event also communicate regarding a security breach towards your teams plus customers if needed. A third-tier IR team could contain threats also minimize the timing and impact of the security incident through the employment of a skilled team that could contain threats also minimizes the timing and impact of any specific security incident through employing a bunch of skilled analysts that worked on several customer environments.  

Security Intelligence 

Security intelligence could be brought from open plus private sources also helps one organization better its detection plus response functions. If your enterprise is not in a position to give full-time staff towards gathering threat intelligence, in that case, it is better to have managed security services.  

Any leading MSSP could offer relevant threat intelligence so that they could enable security technologies, monitor plus report to your business. The threat intelligence enables the security team with inputs required to hunt threats proactively. For SMEs and large businesses, the advantages of threat intelligence from one MSSP is that it remains based on a huge range of scenarios throughout its complete client base, so that it could be analyzed by the security specialists that could determine how your organization would be impacted in the short and long term.  

Also, with a complete sequence of security technologies and clients in-house, the provider of managed security services offers businesses insights into global threats in real-time. One MSSP provides your organization a definite advantage to defend zero-day threats, ransomware, and newer vulnerabilities that could readily remove detection.  

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham is a Senior Digital Marketing Manager at ParamInfo Computer Services Pvt Ltd. He is passionate about topics such as SaaS, productivity, Android and iOS, general technology, and business.

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