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We all look up to digital transformation services to meet our specific digital goals. The primary purpose with any kind of digital transformation is improving the current business processes.  

Digital transformation remains highly crucial because all companies must innovate digitally so that they remain competitive, adapt to the constantly changing industries, and continuously improve on their modus operandi. To maintain the pace with what can be termed as our fourth industrial revolution, organizations need to invest in a detailed strategy, something that acts like a digital transformation directory or roadmap so that the new, ever-evolving demands of the customers are met.  

For instance, digital transformation solutions within the retail sector have improved customer convenience and customer experience significantly. Leaving apart the convenient delivery plus returns, the there are certain interfaces that are IoT enabled dash buttons that will trigger periodic reordering automatically. The product gets billed to your account and send right away merely with a click.  

Guiding you through Digital Transformation Strategy 

For the business you run, a transformation strategy in the digital plane is a detailed plan of action that highlights the implementation methods aiming to create sustainable operations in digitization so that it can produce higher yields in business returns plus add a competitive edge within the market.  

With effective digital transformation services, you can ensure:  

  • Realigning the current business model surrounding the customer experience.  
  • High value plus technology initiatives that is result oriented.  

The strategy would impact each and every department in the business your run and would undoubtedly change the way of your work. In most of the cases, it would account for automating those tasks that are repetitive and mundane. To create an effective transformation strategy in digital platform needs precision, expertise, plus implementation of unconditional ideas towards running a business. Thus, there are many pillars that you would need to attend to when you build the strategy.  

For a Triumphant Digital Transformation – The 3 Pillars 

There are three highly important pillars governing the success towards any digital transformation services function plan. These are process, technology, and people.  

Business Process  

Every initiative of transformation aims towards creating simplified, better business process for the end-user so that it could derive actionable insights through joining huge sets of data points acquired from the current technology stack.  

For instance, ICICI banks utilizes the digital option of one of its digital transition solutions partners to bring deeper customer engagement on its platform of Corporate Internet Banking (CIB) to execute crucial transactions rather instantly and receive profits at a much faster pace than before.  

The knowledge head had offered intuitive features, for instance in-app guidance that is contextual, multiformat content that needs self-help, smart tips, and task lists, ending up in a better Net Promoter Score by about 3-5 points, 50% down in support queries, plus effortless onboarding on the CIB platform.  

Technology Implemented  

The prediction of Gartner is, by 2025 80% of the businesses dealing with customer service would have abandoned the native apps from their mobiles for messaging so that they could enable better customer experience. To receive the maximum out of any technological investment, it becomes essential that one focuses on time-to-value, bring down the complexity plus engage customers at the point of contact of these customers.  

For instance, AI or artificial intelligence empowers digital transformation service initiatives as it automates clerical tasks repetitively, providing tailor-made customer solutions also carrying out the predictive analysis.  


Research predicts and suggests that around 14% of the organizational change imperfections and failures are straight away owing to the inability of the employees to adapt and cope up to a new technology. A strategy of transformation must focus on each of the impacted stakeholders, that includes customers, change leadership, and employees for a change implementation that is successful.  

The Methods You Would Implement in 2022 To Create Effective Strategy in Digital Transformation  

Some enterprises suggest that just 50% of the organizations execute their strategies of transformation successfully despite the focussed investments and efforts. While more than one-third of the business executives remain confused of their strategy in digital transformation.  

Let us check the seven steps that organizations could use to craft a strategy of transformation that is both highly effective plus efficient in 2022.  

Establish the fact that you require digital transformation  

Before you get on to your complex journey of digital transformation, you have to research your current business processor plus conduct competitor analysis gaps prior to implementing your strategies in digital transformation.  

For instance, Volvo group remains highly focussed towards achieving engineering excellence so that it could deliver products of high quality. The group used Augmented Reality (AR) to make sure producing high-quality engines, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) towards software integration plus revamping their online sales was done to better digital sales.  

Create a Plan on Change Management  

Creating one detailed plan on implementation could create all the difference in creating your strategy towards digital transformation that is a reality. By creating an actionable, realistically approachable, and a through implementation strategy is one wonderful method of ensuring the success of your transformation project(s) also that you are highly prepared to face any potential challenge.  

Managing several aspects of any transition at one go is rather tricky, however the plan on change management templates could help you gather an overview of the entire process. When you justify the transformation, identify a model of change management, design your style of change communication, and much more within one document, you are managing the digital transition.  

Build a Leadership Buy-In  

Multiple areas of your business get impacted by digital transformation. It is crucial that you receive support from your mangers, supervisors, and other relevant bodies. Employees wish to receive guidance from their change leaders they have a trust. Make sure every effected department comes with a leader that drives transformation projects.  

Build a Cross-functional Group 

A huge cross-functional team with proper technical expertise plus experience of the organization could give you the needed guidance to enable your employees through transition – also provide insights about how the new digital changes would both impact plus give you benefits on multiple business areas.  

Utilize Tools That Support the Digital Transformation  

Organizations place focus on transformation as one tool itself. Yet, exploring the more digital resources could better your adoption rates to give a provide a higher ROI on all your technological investments. Think about using a variety of tools as a portion of creating a strategy on digital transformation:  

  • Internal wikipedias give you information regarding the transformation process also the schedule. They also answer proactively questions plus maintain transparency.  
  • Digital Adoption Platforms (DAPs) these enable faster user adoption of new software through providing contextual, and on-demand text material or support such that employees would be able to learn newer software during their flow of work.  
  • E-learning tools enable you to build several training materials that would keep the employees engaged plus improve comprehension.  

Gauge your progress 

You can’t expect digital transformation in a single go. The initiatives on digital transformation succeed when they become incremental, cost effective, and sustainable. To receive long-term out benefits from the strategy in digital transformation, establish clear and achievable goals that comes with critical milestones plus track all your transformation progress along so that you are ensured of remaining in the right track.  

Keep Momentum  

Most of the strategies in digital transformation fail as the leaders think it to be one-time implementation. However, using the below mentioned steps you could maintain the current progress:  

  • Consider an agile approach towards digital transformation 
  • Make small scale implementations and adjust after you have collected regular feedback from your stakeholders so that setbacks you could manage 
  • Anchor this kind of change to your organizational culture so that you can reap long term profits.  


The digital adoption dashboard of ours at ParamInfo is designed to help smooth run of transitions. As we create interactive walkthroughs along with on-demand training, your team would receive the support they require to transform their style of working.  

ParamInfo enables you to push your efforts at digital transformation forward as it helps employees learn in its workflow. Check our website to understand better how we function and create the desired change that can help your leverage the digital transition and build a better business for yourself.  

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham is a Senior Digital Marketing Manager at ParamInfo Computer Services Pvt Ltd. He is passionate about topics such as SaaS, productivity, Android and iOS, general technology, and business.

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