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Mobile app development has seen a huge surge in demand over the last decade. With the advent of technology, it has become crucial for companies, enterprises, and businesses to invest in attaining proficient mobile app developers to enhance their functioning and expanding their reach. In the B2B and B2C working system especially, mobile app developers are in extensive demand. To deal with customers’ needs, ventures need to hire mobile app developers of the highest standards to match up with the industry demands. In this blog, we have detailed the major factors to consider before hiring a mobile app developer.

1. Portfolio One of the most prominent features of any app developer is their portfolio. Experience and proficient app developers have an extensively built portfolio that they themselves like to advertise to make their clients know about their expertise. Moreover, their past work would give you proper insights into the kind of work they have done, and if it matches up with your needs.

2. Technical Certification Before you hire a developer, it is important that you not only go through their portfolio, but also their achievements and certification on the niches they specialize in. A proper certification only makes a developer’s resume strong, and gives you more confidence in their working abilities.

3. Flexibility In today’s day and age, a developer must be flexible to develop or work on mobile apps that run on various platforms. The audience has become very diverse over the years, and app developers have to cater to their needs by being proficient in Android, iOS, and Windows platforms to deliver quality apps that are compatible to run on all of the platforms.

4. Communication Skills One of the biggest traits of good app developers is that they make the process of app development seamless through proper communication. For small queries, inputs, and concerns, you should be able to communicate with the app developers and they should too. This makes sure that the app developed not only meets your needs, but also is a refined product that can set standards in your industry.

5. Follow-up and updates many companies hire app developer or developers that are either situated in a different country or at a distant location. This brings in the issue that can make or break the operation- receiving proper

updates on the project. Hiring responsible app developers is more beneficial for you than hiring excellent but negligent developers. Make sure that to hire a developer, you make sure that they provide proper follow-ups to keep you in the know.

6. Innovativeness This is perhaps one of the most prominent features of a good app developer. In the customer-centric marketplace, it is imperative that app developers come up with unique and efficient solutions to develop mobile apps. This helps in setting you apart from the competition and puts a spotlight on your app due to the new and innovative solutions it has introduced. Innovativeness in a developer is a decisive element into hiring them.

7. A Good Rapport A professional in mobile app development who has comprehensively worked with colleagues and collaborated with various clients shows great potential in their industry. For it is someone who knows teamwork that can survive in the IT and Technical industry in today’s age. Maintaining good relations with the supervisors, colleagues, and clients are the main character traits that a good app developer should possess.

8. Follows Industry Standards To hire app developers, you must be cautious in determining which one is good not just for the project, but future collaborations too. A developer who follows the code of conduct and complies with the coding standards and practices definitely outshines a developer who doesn’t. The developer should do clean coding, as it only takes one bad code to ruin an otherwise good project.

9. Technical Expertise The seniority of a good developer shouldn’t just depend on their experience. For all you know, they may have outsourced some key parts of their previous projects. Developers who have comprehensive domain knowledge and know the technical soundness of running codes must be preferred over someone with experience but nothing to show for in this department.

10. Familiarity with Agile Methodology In today’s marketplace, none of the IT companies run without an Agile Methodology. Agile methods deliver incremental deliveries, and hence are considered the benchmark. App developers you hire should be aware of this and know how to work with an agile approach for developing mobile apps.

Now that you know the major factors to consider when hiring a mobile app developer, you can rest assured if you focus on the aforementioned points, you’ll find good ones. ParamInfo is a mobile app development

company that specializes in providing app development solutions to its clients. Get in touch with our expert developers for solutions and development for your venture for gaining fruitful results.

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