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In the busy market in today’s world, standing out and grabbing the attention of the audience becomes a really hard task. Digital marketing has become a benchmark for the success of most of the e-commerce businesses. It is a fast-paced platform where you have the space to grow your brand name and presence as well as increase the customer interaction by using either hit and trial methods or tried and tested strategies.

According to a recent survey, 37 million social media visits can lead to 529,000 orders. Facebook helps to get more traffic to the website which leads to sales having an average of 85%of all the orders. A digital marketing strategy, therefore, becomes one of the best solutions for growing up the e-commerce business.

Paraminfo provides exemplary digital marketing services for boosting e-commerce businesses as it generates revenue by increasing the brand value.

Flexibility to Adapt

Digital marketing is flexible to new, emerging, as well as improved trends, along with the fact that it can be used to create various new opportunities. Hence, it is the one-stop solution for emerging e-commerce businesses for clients such as Paraminfo. Digital marketing for e-commerce businesses specifically targets the internet for their sustainable growth.


Google is one of the best solutions for a digital marketing company as it indexes websites into rankings that are decided based on the amount and kind of content any website hosts. A digital marketing company in India like ParamInfo specializes in implementing solutions for your e-Commerce business on Google, to improve your visibility in the searches, and ultimately, help you in growing.

Social Media Marketing

Social media has taken over the world, and there is hardly anyone who is not active on social media. It becomes easier for brands to reach out to customers through social media. Most of the digital marketing agencies in Dubai include paid social media as part of their strategy to reach out to new customers.

Email Marketing

This is one of the most effective methods of digital marketing for e-commerce business for retailers actually delivering ROI. Once you pay on the e-commerce website, you get a confirmation email and an invoice. Users might email questions about products or experiences etc. Personalized emails help customers connect well with your company.

Search Engine Marketing

Digital marketing for e-commerce business focuses on improving the visibility of the website to increase its search engine ranking. It uses paid ad campaigns based on keywords to reach out to users actively using your website. The most famous is Google AdWords which is a paid search channel that e-commerce businesses should focus on.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimization increases the quantity and quality of the traffic to your website through search engine results. If your e-commerce business starts posting up to 35 times a week, not only do customers find you easily but you can get up to a 172% ROI that too from direct sales!

Content Marketing

When you are an online business you can’t just stick to selling. You need to provide value to customers without the customers having to make a purchase. One of the best ways to make your customers happy is to create content that helps them solve daily challenges. Whether it is a short blog on how to create a website, such kind of content helps create awareness and delight your customers.

Display Advertising

A rightfully planned advertisement with a powerful or right message can definitely attract your customers to your business.

Mobile Marketing

Today, everyone is hooked on to their mobile phones. People behave differently with smartphones in their hand and that is where you need to be at the right place at the right time. ParamInfo ensures your e-Commerce business doesn’t fall back in providing adept information to the users on their mobile devices.

Affiliate Marketing

Building an engaged affiliate network boosts your overall marketing campaign by spreading the word online. This can be done by working with affiliates and giving them an incentive to come to you, a process made easier with the help of ParamInfo.


Digital marketing professionals can make it possible by grabbing maximum attention from the audience and converting it to sales. ParamInfo, a digital marketing agency in Dubai has all the digital marketing solutions your e-Commerce business needs. Implementing comprehensive strategies to enhance your reach in the digital world, as well as assisting your e-Commerce business to grow is what ParamInfo specializes in.

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