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Today, people can order medicines online simply waiting on the couch instead of waiting in a queue carrying written prescriptions. Not only for the consumers but also for the pharmacy,  technology has enabled online tracking of patient records, electronic prescription and automated handling of medicines in the supply chain, as well as provide tools for monitoring the efficacy and safety of medicines in use. 

To develop online medicine delivery app which has made this retail convenient for both of our providers and consumers, we just need to understand the needs. All a consumer should do is download the app, register and start ordering. Thus, a team of trustworthy and skilled app developers must be hired by a mobile app development company to build a modern healthcare app.

Here are some characteristic features to develop some online apps which nonetheless make them economical.

Free Online Registration and Easy Membership

Registration is free of cost and can be done instantly by providing certain credentials such as email addresses and phone numbers. The app developers have made the app very interactive and user-friendly. Some of the mobile app development companies charge a subscription amount to give a flawless service over a period of time. 

Shop on the go

Users can order from anywhere anytime. While ordering you can simply share a picture of the prescription. Once the image of the prescription is received, it is handed over to a delivery guy along with appropriate medicines. You may check and track the order status and receive the medicines in no time.

Doorstep Delivery

Now users can receive delivery of medicines instantly across the country. Due to a large number of delivery agents, they can reach out to our customers promptly and deliver medicines. In case of delay, users are free to lodge a complaint to the mobile app development company

Amazing Voucher 

App Users are provided with excellent discounts and cashback on ordering online. Members are offered discounts of up to 50%.  One can score substantial savings for online purchases. Reward points are constantly updated on the cart.

Talk to Specialists 

Doctors can be consulted online. These apps also have the option of video-conferencing, online chats, and 24×7 helpline. Users can chat directly with the doctors or pharmacists. In case of an emergency, one can also call or chat with top specialists across the country at any time of the day.

Refill Reminders

In case of a shortage of your regular medicines, a reminder call or text is sent for the restock. Once the text is received by the user, refill orders are taken instantly in just one click.

Return Policy

Users are allowed to return the medicines and lodge a complaint in case any problem arises with the order. If a refund request is found, the amount is accepted and is refunded within the next few days. If not refunded, users may get in touch with the mobile app development company.

Room for Advancement

1. The medicine delivery apps can always update and upgrade their services. Room for Affiliate Marketing where users can easily book an appointment with the nearest doctor instantly in case of an emergency.

2. Filter the search for specific diseases.

3. Loyalty points for the app to be provided to the users.

4. Language customization

5. Bugs in the app must be fixed on a regular basis.

Cost Estimation

Though an instant and real-time experience is offered, the medicine delivery app development is definitely not an instant or simple task for the developers. It is extremely time consuming and the process completely depends on client requirements, specialization list, and the cost estimation varies from country to country for the time taken. It can cost as high as $250 per hour to as low as $25 per hour. Therefore, apps developed by our experts must be economical and developers should maintain company policies.

With these kinds of online mobile apps, users will be able to get a fast and reliable delivery of medicine. In case of any problem, users can report an issue from the mobile app itself and allow the developers to fix them. With the advancement in technology, these medicine delivery apps prove to be really bliss to consumers. The ultimate aim is to develop a user-friendly and cost-effective medicine delivery app.

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