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Every year March 8 is celebrated as International women’s day commemorating the achievements of the women across the globe. The day witnesses general celebrations, remembering the invaluable contributions of women and focus on achievements made across various fields. Even today, women’s safety has become a prime concern for governments around the world. Further, the countless rape cases and the harassment, and abuse reported in recent times also explains the significance of women’s safety. Although the governments are adopting measures that curb women harassment, still there is some room for improvement. It is where women’s safety apps come into the picture.

In this digital era, smartphones have become the vital components of day to day communication. There are a plethora of mobile applications for day to day needs and requirements. Be it ticket booking, taxi booking, movie tickets, recharges and another day to day activities, mobile applications are the go-to options. Google Play store and App store are flooded with plenty of women’s safety. In case you are wondering what the best personal safety apps for women are, we are here to assist you in this regard. Celebration the women’s day, we at ParamInfo have decided to compile a list of top 5 personal safety apps for women. ParamInfo is the best mobile app development company founded in 2008; the company possess more than ten years of experience in mobile application development.

Top 5 Personal Safety Apps for Women

1) Vith U

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In case of help, women often have very less time to dial emergency contacts. Vith U app has made it easy to bypass the tedious dialling and instead lets the potential victim punch the power button twice to activate SOS alert. The app sends the alert to the concerned contacts regularly with an interval of two minutes. The contacts would be provided with the physical location of the victim for accurate tracking. Apart the app sends updated location each time the message is sent.

2) Circle of 6 App

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The app is unique in the sense it lets you connect to 6 contacts in the circle. The app lets you request contacts in the circle to pick you up from the strange environment. It then sends instant alerts to any of the selected connection in the circle. The app developers have also included an option to contact the concerned authorities in case of an emergency.

3) Life360 Family Locator App

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Life360 family locator app is one of its good multipurpose apps. Apart from women’s safety, the app lets you recover your lost phone.  It offers a channel to keep in touch with your family members and friends. The app enables you to create circles and allows to view their live locations in a confidential app. The app developers have even included a chat option that will enable you to chat with family members for free.

4) I’m Shakti App

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The app lets you reach emergency contact by pressing the power button five times. After the app gets triggered, a preset emergency SMS would be sent to the contacts along with the GPS location.

5) Famy Family Chat & Locator App

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The app comes in handy for parents who want to keep track of their infants/kids. The locator app picks up the exact GPS location and allows to share in the group. The app offers the users the option to disclose the location when needed. Besides, the app also lets users send an SOS alert when necessary.

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