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A managed security services provider (MSSP) is one manager that is outsourced for IT security needs for business. Think of the service provider as something like an extension of capabilities that the services managed service provider offers.

For better understanding, these acronyms, MSP works like that of an Impact Networking and provides a complete suite where managed IT services for businesses that include ERPs that are cloud-based plus monitoring capabilities that are remote. MSPs would basically offer a kind of cyber security so that they could help SMBs with their proper needs.

MSSP is focused very specifically on a business’s IT infrastructure security. MSSPs have currently gained prominence recently as they have become highly aware that there are possibilities for cyber attacks.

While they have started helping with the IT requirements within an organization for several years, the requirement for a highly advanced program on cyber security to meet modern threats is today a rather new phenomenon.

In the event there is an IT security solution for the SMEs, there has come a substantial requirement for growth over the past few years, specifically in the situation of Covid-19.

Be it phishing, malware, user error, or malware, there is potential that serious breaches are the growth of SMB security.

This is specifically the case where you consider severe changes happening in the digital transformation landscape that leads towards the growing popularity of the business model in managed security services.

What advantages come from a small business using Managed Security

Those decision-makers serious of cyber security plus the health of their technology infrastructure are mostly scared of the level of expertise needed to implement so as to maintain quite a strong defense.

During its nascent stages of auditing, you could expect certain things during the assessment phase from MSSP offering managed security of small business:

Vulnerability scanning: scanning systems to find flaws in security

Penetration Testing: Exploiting flaws that are identified during the process of vulnerability scanning

Results are usually documented in the reports of cyber security assessment and delivered with the raw results to the clients

Many of the SMBs are shifting towards plans of managed security because of the skills they provide. With the MSSPs, you could get the same quality level of an in-team for mostly half of the cost.

For instance, many businesses provide the following expertise as part of their service:

Cyber security analyst

  • Execute all assessment tasks and analyze/curate resulting data
  • Conduct tasks of daily monitoring for cyber security solutions deployed

Cyber security engineer

  • Responsible for all implementation of final assessment solution

Cyber Security Developer

  • Developing and maintaining assessment of IT security of custom managed services with pricing tools
  • Work with some organization so that you can improve plus automate the process

Compliance manager

Developing strategies and solutions to incorporate compliance within your process

Defining team members also services so that concerns regarding client compliance can be addressed

However, hiring this kind of expertise is not a good option for most of the startups and SMBs that require cyber security strategies.

With a plan on managed security service, a team of experts could be brought on board for some fixed monthly amount that is far more cost-effective than bringing an in-house team.

No need to mention that a great MSSP would have a huge amount of experience to gather from also the ability to keep up with the constantly changing landscape of cyber security.

Comprehensive level protection

Managed security services for small businesses are built from scratch to provide surplus cyber security options beyond the basic remit of MSP offerings.

While MSPs give you comprehensive management and a minimum security level, a good managed services solution would actively monitor plus defend your applications, storage, and network.

There exist several services that are offered by MSSPs. You could expect certain special effective security solutions:

  • Log in and packet monitoring
  • Antivirus for next generation
  • Detecting endpoint and response
  • Domain protection
  • Detecting endpoint and response
  • Protection of website
  • Authenticating multi-factor
  • Training security awareness
  • Hardware networking for next generation
  • Continuously monitoring vulnerability
  • Email encryption and spam filtering

Most of the small businesses aren’t used to creating to deal with the kind of threats that loom today, and the IT staff kind of find them overstretched also putting out fires to maintain the company systems operation.

An advanced plan for cyber security produces a great number of options to protect, along with bringing business compliance that has new and emerging regulations.


It could not be immediately understood by the SMB decision-makers who come with the first priority of shoring up their cyber security, whereas efficiency is the prime factor that needs to be considered if you wish to partner with MSSP.

Implementing the integrated security functions reduces silos within an organization, which leads to speedy response times, improving channels of communication between departments, and bringing human error possibilities.

Also, automation plays a great role in the operations of any MSSP service. Nowadays where criminals are themselves using automation to probe for emerging dangers in businesses, cyber security requires them to take complete advantage of the automated technology plus machine learning so that they could protect themselves against these threats.

This could come in a number of forms such as operational analytics providing insight into potential weak points and red flags.

With 24/7 monitoring, dedicated management personnel is able to keep track of any kind of emerging issues and business networks might have. With the help of modern tools of cyber security, a service provider of managed security can drastically improve an organization’s efficiency in cyber defense, meaning a highly dedicated and more streamlined business with a highly skilled staff of working with threats all by themselves.

Reduced Cost

One of the main considerations for SMBs looking to managed security solutions for all businesses is cost. As a greater number of companies look towards ensuring that infrastructure is ready for the digital transformation, the further costs acquired because of a comprehensive strategy in cyber security might look daunting in the beginning.

In fact, it is common that all businesses can ignore threats in modern cyber security. This is generally because they either do not figure cybercriminals can target SMBs, security wouldn’t be a top priority, or they would believe their current expenses on IT is readily too high.

This is basically owing to the fact that they either do not that cybercriminals will target SMB, they don’t consider security a top priority, or they would believe their current spend on IT is already too high.

The truth is the fact that almost half of every cyberattack is on SMBs and all those succumbing to data breaches, the cost at an average is $5 million. The major businesses that suffer a cyber attack fold in six months period.

In simple words, the chances of an attack on SMB are really higher than what some people might expect, and the cost of cleaning a data breach goes far ahead of hiring a cyber security provider so that a cyber-attack is prevented.

Also, hiring an in-house dedicated expert of cyber security expert doesn’t come cheap, with the salaries coming upwards to a figure of $80,000. And that comes only with one extra staff member – getting an entire team could put a setback on a small business many times that add up to every year.

To Conclude:

The significance of cyber security would continue to grow as one landscape comes up and newer threats come up for SMBs. The need and pressing demand for cloud-based services particularly has increased the vulnerabilities towards all the businesses without any security network.

A strong component for the organizations is presently a necessity that should be accommodated the best way possible. Investing in any strategy to help defend against the threats is more significant than ever. 

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham is a Senior Digital Marketing Manager at ParamInfo Computer Services Pvt Ltd. He is passionate about topics such as SaaS, productivity, Android and iOS, general technology, and business.

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