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Candidates applying for IT jobs in India need to have more than technical skills to be able to land a good position. Competition is tough in the IT sector and software jobs in India only go to the best-qualified applicants. Hiring managers check if candidates also have good soft skills in addition to their technical skillsets. 

Vital Soft Skills 

HR managers know that soft skills differentiate an average staff member from a great one. Soft skills such as communication, listening, and teamwork may sound simple but can create a huge effect in the office environment. IT companies know that to fill jobs in India, they can train their staff in technical abilities but it is much more difficult to teach them needed soft skills. Thus, you can be a great candidate for job opportunities in India if you possess soft skills which cannot be taught easily. In this article, we detail some of the high-value skills sought by top companies for their IT jobs in India. 

Time Management

It is important for an employee to work efficiently and meet deadlines. Thus, time management is an essential skill for workers who need to manage multiple projects simultaneously. Employers prefer to hire applicants who can effectively manage their own time without needing supervision from managers. 

To start, to qualify for plum software jobs in India you can be punctual for the interview. During the interview, give an example of how you successfully handled competing priorities and completed the tasks before the deadlines. 


You need to communicate effectively with your team members to get your work done. Proper communication can help to resolve most workplace issues. Companies appreciate this ability as it enables them to reduce risk and avert issues before they occur. 

To apply for jobs in India, arm yourself with solid speaking and writing skills, and learn to effectively use web tools like email and video conferencing. You can show your communication abilities during the interview by listening actively, asking questions, learning the interviewer’s name, and delivering them a thank-you message afterward.   


You need to collaborate well with your team members to qualify for jobs in India. Even roles with plenty of autonomous work will still need teamwork abilities. You should be able to adjust to the personalities and work habits of your colleagues and comprehend their viewpoints to create effective solutions for the team. 

During the interview, inform your employer about instances when you functioned productively in a team, in a previous job or at school, and communicate the positive outcomes obtained from this group effort. 

Problem Solving and Critical Thinking 

Critical thinking skills enable you to solve issues by objectively examining the available information to find the best resolution. Job opportunities in India will throw up unexpected setbacks and challenges, and your company will depend on you to find effective solutions to these problems. To resolve concerns, you should ask intelligent questions, perform research, and make informed guesses about the ideal answers to the issues. 

Emotional Intelligence

With emotional intelligence skills, you can understand your own as well as your colleagues’ emotions correctly. This talent is essential for effective teamwork and collaboration as you need to put yourself in the shoes of your team members to comprehend their motives and actions. Thus, empathy is an important aspect of emotional intelligence as it enables you to see facts and events from your co-worker’s perspective. In short, emotional intelligence skills among employees can help to develop a positive and thriving company culture. 

Displaying Initiative

Employers appreciate staff members who are willing to take initiative on their own and proactively find new ways to assist the business to be successful. Workers with initiative typically do not wait for their manager to give them work. They’re driven and self-motivated, and utilize what is in their capacity to enhance the company’s prospects. Not to mention, such employees serve as an inspiration for other staff members.

About Paraminfo

Paraminfo is a top IT software and services company in India, the US, and the Middle East. The firm posts information about open IT jobs in India and abroad on their website. If you have the requisite technical skills as well as the above-mentioned soft skills, send in your resume today. Paraminfo guarantees industry-grade salary and a positive work environment to enable you to perform at your best. 

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