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Although a wedding is one of the most beautiful and memorable moments in someone’s life, we all know how stressful planning can get. Be it for weeks or months, the entire planning process can become chaotic and out of order with too many people and countless responsibilities. Not to forget, those who have 9-5 job schedules can find it very stressful to visit multiple shops for clothes, decor, gifts and so on.

In such cases, a single solution would be to hire a wedding planner or let’s say, to download a wedding planning application.

Through a mobile app development company, you can curate an application which brings about the user’s convenience in shopping and planning for their dream wedding from the comfort of their home. In old times, you’d have the engaged couple visiting various shops and relatives to seek suggestions regarding every detail of the wedding. Now, with the introduction of online searches, every information is available right on our fingertips. So why not put them all on one platform, accessible from our mobile devices?

Using technology for event planning can save time as well as bridge the physical gap between the client and the business ventures. The online platform of a wedding planning app provides a diverse platform for all business models which have their themes around marriages and family gatherings. Hence, through one application, your users will have complete access to flower vendors, boutiques, venue bookings and more.

To understand this further, let us look into the features and how the business model for a wedding planner mobile application works:

Hiring Business for Commission

The main feature of a wedding planner mobile application is a distinct platform of business ventures that will adorn your client’s wedding by just one click. Once you hire the third-party vendor, there is a benefit of you receiving commissions through the order they receive from their clients, meaning your users.
Wedding party orders can be vast and app developers such as you will need to be wise before offering your platform to a business, and here is where reviews help. Through online reviews, you’ll have first-hand knowledge of which business models fit your application’s requirements.

Notifying your Users

A wedding application functions similar to a wedding planner, only with more efficiency and punctuality. Hence, it’s important to integrate the notification system which alerts your users of their plans and schedules.

When your application can ensure timely alerts for wedding preparations, deliveries, and task reminders, the user can breathe easy and complete their chores in time, thereby preparing for the marriage in peace. As a wedding app is responsible for maintaining various tasks, be it building the guest list or notifying vendors of important days, the notification system is quite crucial. When it comes to sending invites to the guests or finalizing the wedding dress, timely work management can bring about some peace of mind before the D-day.

Content Management System

Clients’ data collection and management through the CMS or Content Management System is a vital responsibility for every mobile application development company. The customer’s choice, search history, preferences, and reviews play a major role in helping the mobile application’s business model survive in the market.

And through real-time analytics, you can keep an eye on all the statistical data regarding app-download frequency, the region with most downloads, the business ventures which your users visit the most, popular offers, demands for services and a lot more. Hence, you’ll have the benefit to change, upgrade and introduce new services to your wedding application all while keeping at the head with recent marriage event trends.

Managing In-App Calls and Messaging Platforms

When your customers hire vendors, planners, and wedding organizers through your wedding planner mobile application, the need to have each party involved in the event, is crucial. Hence, you can optimize your app with group-chat functionality through which, all parties are in-sync with the dates, deliveries, last-minute changes and of course, notifications.

When the vendors stay in sync with the client through your mobile platform, there are benefits of timely work management and positive reviews from satisfied customers.
Additionally, with such seamless communication services, you can expect increased user activities on your application.

Multilingual Platform

If your application’s customer wishes to opt for a destination wedding, it’d mean the catering, decor and commuting deliveries for the events will be within that area. Hence, coordinating various regional languages for your application can help all parties communicate seamlessly.
Hence, the user can make use of your wedding application’s services to execute their wedding at any part of the world without a hassle.

Language Processing Softwares come handy in such cases where you can modify your UI in detecting languages of the client’s chosen region to permit proper communication services.
This not only helps in customer satisfaction but also diversifies your business model.


After you ideate the application’s outline, head on to our website, Paraminfo to have your dream application come to life. As professional mobile app developers, we help turn possibilities into reality by aiding you to strategize your online business platform to be compact for cross-platform usage.
With our services, you’ll have a better reach towards your customer base and the ability to provide services for their demands. You’ll not only have boosted business activities but efficient marketing through Paraminfo’s mobile app development services. To know more, visit our site to learn about our varied services.

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