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With the help of Managed IT services providers (MSPs), your business can deliver a huge range of IT plus cloud computing services because of a subscription or contract basis. The top managed services today primarily work using the cloud, through managing the software and hardware plus operations. They can handle deployments starting from hybrid cloud to multi-cloud to the data center to private cloud – most of the time in combination.  

In certain cases, the providers of managed IT services could lower your cloud costs. They conduct routine management of software and hardware and operations, along with IT tasks like updates, upgrades, plus security issues.  

Managed IT services providers are constantly playing a significant role, as they handle the tough IT and cloud management works, they help companies to focus on their core areas of specialty. Within the tech landscape that just keeps growing more complex, your business laced with the right MSP could play the prime role in the success of your business.  

Even though the providers of managed services manage an extensive range of services, certain MSPs focus on the critical growth of the technologies like artificial intelligence (IT), machine learning (ML), edge computing, or the Internet of Things (IoT). This competent area focus works on allowing managed IT service enablers to offer expert services management in sections where companies could find it rather difficult to retain and hire sufficient experts.  

Owing to the fact that managed IT service providers play a core role, it is no surprise that the said firms are employed by bigger enterprises. As the technology grows of even higher significance to the business, SMEs that cannot afford IT funds and staff are also hiring the Managed IT service providers.  

Picking the right kind of IT services is very important. Looking for the right fit signifies understanding the specific offers by a company, how the processes of your firm would fit with the model of the vendor, and making sure that adequate service level agreements (SLAs) and quality assurance are in place. Performance metrics and quality metrics are crucial to hold a provider accountable plus ensuring your enterprise gets the agreed to level of service and attention.  

How would you choose an MSSP? 

Given below are certain criteria to consider when you select managed IT solutions:  

  1. The right kind of model: It is crucial that the business and IT needs match the product offerings of the vendor and the business process model. Consequently, a business must catalog plus map the internal systems and rigorously understand workflows, business, gaps, objectives, and processes. A detailed and in-depth understanding of the requirements of your company enables you to look for an IT services MSP or firm that could streamline and simplify existing processes along with revealing innovation.  
  1. Offloading the tasks: Part of the appeal that comes with an IT services firm or the Managed Services Provider is to offload the rote tasks which come as a time-consuming endeavor. This enables the business to step away from all tactical tasks like the mundane tasks to the more strategic tasks. Hence, it is important to ask the vendors how they could help the business become a little more strategic and understand how their clients plan to make it happen.  
  1. Thought Leadership: The said companies typically offer the thought leadership along with labs plus innovation centers that would allow a business to gather access to the expertise plus resources that may otherwise remain unavailable. This could include the knowledge of the IoT systems, ML, AI, robotics, also a greater integrated digital framework that has supported change and innovation. If your business is looking to sharpen the complete power of digital technology, it is important to understand how your services firm could guide you in your journey.  
  1. Metrics: Metrics and standards are critical. It is also vital that the business spells specific compensations and procedures in case the vendor doesn’t meet the standards of SLA. Gather an understanding of all the compensation and criteria before signing the agreement.  

Best 10 Managed IT Service Providers  

The article has tried to focus on the 10 best Managed IT Services Providers that are revolutionizing 2022:  


ParamInfo gives you the ability to prevent, detect, and respond to threat within IT infrastructure. Its Managed IT Security Services could help your business to prevent plus detect further provide adequate responses to the threats posed by IT infrastructure. The task of the company right from the beginning has been to offer real-time monitoring, actively preventing, taking smarter stance in management, fast detection, plus quick response to every kind of security incidents that comes with several types of complexities.  

Addressing your customer’s needs as one managed security service provider has been ParamInfo’s focus for almost a decade now. The business customizes its offers for its customers based on their specific needs. Some of their customers are businesses from retail, banking, manufacturing, eCommerce, and healthcare along with other SaaS and online business providers. The business creates the design of its MSSP to address certain security-specified needs. The company provides enough security coverage throughout the range of IT components of their customers. They protect their IT infrastructure against the spread of non-targeted threats that are actually along with advanced persistent threats.  


Accenture has come up as one heavyweight in the field of IT services. The firm gives you consulting services along with specialized capabilities in digital integration. The offerings of the company include systems to develop IoT framework, integrating data, AI integration, and several other emerging technologies plus more. The company has come up with a comprehensive innovation base teamed up with extensive partnerships. The offerings it gives are placed in five categories: Operations, Technology, Digital, Consulting, and Strategy.  

Accenture shows a high category of loyalty in its customers. It is proud that 98 out of its best 100 customers have worked with Accenture for over 10 years. The technical expertise of the company comprises a broad range of platforms that includes Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce, and SAP. It also provides services and expertise in cloud integration.  


This is a global leader to orchestrate Digital transformation and innovation. This company is headquartered in Paris, and it has spread across several countries with brand names Atos Syntel, Worldline, and Unify. It focuses at high scales on AI, high-performance computing, cloud integration, data center transformation, and cybersecurity. The company keeps its focus on various key areas of digital changes that includes AI, IoT, Industry 4.0, data analytics, cognitive computing, cybersecurity, data analytics, next-gen infrastructure, and cloud solutions.  

The business comes with a scientific community that assembles 150 best researchers, engineers plus others inside the form to give a cross-functional approach toward digital innovation plus disruption. Atos is among the few IT service enablers that operate an advisory group on quantum computing. It specializes in the development of algorithms for quantum machine learning and cryptocurrency that are quantum safe and create next-generation architecture. It operates one complete simulation and programming ambiance for software education, training, and development. The company works with partners like Google Cloud, Dell EMC, VMware, Cisco, and RSA, to name some.  


This is among the leaders in global IT consulting and managed services. This multinational comes with expertise in media, retail, manufacturing, and healthcare. The focus of the company on vertical industries enables it to develop plus apply digital solutions in a really targeted manner. Capgemini provides services that are tailored to maximum major industry people.  

The key areas that this company focuses on include digital transformation and innovation, building-specific digital services applied to the sectors like engineering, digital customer experience, and digital manufacturing; also the technical operations that would span automation, application development plus maintenance, infrastructure, end-user services, and testing. These facilities enable clients to experiment, develop plus test all the technology in one highly controlled set up. These facilities help clients so that they can test experiments, test, and develop technology within a really controlled setting. The strategic philosophy of Capgemini revolves around certain four key dimensions: risk mitigation, organization alignment, and value.  

CDW Corporation  

Even though CDW remains widely prevalent as one reseller of software and hardware, it would also offer a huge range of consulting integration, managed IT services, and professional services for both government and businesses.  

This firm is based out of Vernon Hills, Illinois, and comes with a specialization in healthcare, financial services, energy, and education. CDW provides expert solutions in 24 areas that include cloud, data center, network infrastructure, cybersecurity, managed services, and digital transportation.  

The enterprise designs also build exceptional solutions in various key areas, including infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), and software-as-a-solution (SaaS), with cloud subscriptions and integrations. These include creating partnerships with Microsoft, Google, Adobe, and IBM. The brand offer expertise in developing plus deploying AI services along with other newer technologies. The brand offers tailormade cybersecurity solutions.  


Cognizant looks at enterprise IT and consulting services from innovative perspective with a purpose. The aim of the firm is to create technology frameworks that would prepare the firms for change in this fast change digital world.  

Cognizant, which is headquartered in New Jersey has spread its presence in almost five continents. Redesigning the existing business models plus reinventing them by reinventing operating models plus core business functions and better technology models so that the systems are simplified and modernized.  

Cognizant delivers services and expertise within 20 industries, that includes financial and banking services, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, and life sciences. Cognizant brings in an excellent level of loyalty. Above 90 percent of the revenue of the enterprise come from returning clients. This enterprise has established a sturdy technology partnership. These conglomerates: VM Ware, SAP, Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, Google Cloud, and AWS.  


Clearly any leader within the managed service provider unit, Deloitte comes with a core strength of tackling large business clients that would operate in an industry coming with challenging regulatory surroundings.  

The Cloud IT Managed Services unit supports the hybrid IT model, along with numerous core business providers that includes risk advisory and consulting. It would focus on big business clients that are installing cloud to gather competitive advantage. This business is particularly well suited to serving businesses that have to navigate a great number of regulations inside their IT infrastructure. Deloitte’s strength over the years has come in enterprise audit services, thus it comes with long years of strength in IT audit services, hence its strength within sensitive compliance areas.  

Related to the strength within compliance, Deloitte comes with a deep commitment to cybersecurity. This focus on the IT security is of long-term significance owing to the array, and the complexity of security reasons created in the cloud IT domain. This works across the range of which employees could access a business’s cloud deployment to whatever information could be kept in the cloud, also what regulations would govern this data’s storage. Moreover, the Open Cloud Management Platform of Deloitte acts on streamlining and automating the processing of any number of cloud work schedules, from the hybrid model to the private to the multi-cloud.  

DXC Technologies 

This business has been working on offering managed services and IT services that encompasses all sections. It has a global span of 70 countries. The brand heavily focuses on interacting with the cloud, mobility, and analytics, application services, Internet of Things (IoT), and platform services. A prime offering is DXC Bionix, a strategy built on intelligent automation at large. The brand functions around lean process methodologies, AI, and one extensive partner network so that workflows and response times get automated. This in turn improves response times, standardization, and accuracy.  

DXC provides expertise for several industries also sectors along with certain key domain sectors like cloud, analytics, and platform services, application services, and the Internet of Things (IoT). It incorporates AI, lean process methodologies also, and a huge partner network so that workflows can be automated plus better response times, accuracy plus standardization. DXC comes heavily focused on newer technologies, that include IoT, autonomous vehicles, and blockchain.  

HCL Technologies  

The company has developed into a robust IT services brand that now functions across 44 countries. The company works out of Noida, UP, India. The focus of the company on lean and agile intersects hugely with technologies that function across automation, IoT, cloud, analytics, and digitalization. HCL has taken up the model of Mode 1-2-3 which aims to guide businesses using a process that optimizes core services, adopting services for the next generation, and adopts platforms plus products that bring out disruption and innovation.  

The business integrates the Mode 1-2-3 methodology with a huge array of services and products. The goal is that they build a framework towards the digital growth. As businesses grow into Mode 2 and 3, they get equipped to receive advantage from highly advanced abilities, encompassing cloud native functions, robotics, IoT, cognitive computing, robotics, and neural networks. HCL has an approach that move across various domains, that encompasses IT operations, business processes, application delivery, and Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS).  


This is one of the oldest and veterans in IT services domain. Based in New York, the company has built its presence in more than 170 countries. The business functions across six domains that work towards digital transformation and innovation: IBM Watson (for the AI technology), IBM AWS cloud, IBM Services, IBM Blockchain, IBM Services, IBM IoT, and IBM Security.  

IBM has acknowledged and encompassed within its domain many emerging technologies that would help businesses build heavily integrated plus innovative technology platforms supporting capabilities of next generations. It heavily focuses on AI, IoT, blockchain, cloud plus advanced analytics that includes machine learning. The business has become the industry leader in developing frameworks in quantum computing. Even though these systems exist in their Beta phase right now, the R&D of IBM is taking the technology from the laboratories to the commercial arena. IBM remains a stalwart in IT services. It provides a broad array of services and platforms directly or via an MSP model that would incorporate other leaders in tech industry.  

To Summarise 

Picking the right IT services firm is of vital significance. Identifying the right fit indicates understanding what a specific brand offers, and how your business processes fit into the vendor’s model, also ensuring that proper quality assurance plus SLAs are stacked in order. Performance and quality parameters are critical for keeping a provider accountable and also making sure that the organization receives the service agreement level of attention.  

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham is a Senior Digital Marketing Manager at ParamInfo Computer Services Pvt Ltd. He is passionate about topics such as SaaS, productivity, Android and iOS, general technology, and business.

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