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The coronavirus pandemic has hit businesses around the world. Social distancing is the need of the hour but even it is becoming tougher day by day as it costs people their livelihood. Along with a global economic downfall, the pandemic has also led to a time of panic and distress everywhere because of the lack of necessary services. Due to these circumstances, the need for app developers to focus on storefronts concerned with the delivery of food, grocery, medicine, etc. has increased enormously. 

In simple words, an on-demand delivery app helps its users to access certain services or commodities like medicine, books, cosmetics, or grocery within a short period of time right at their home. These on-demand delivery businesses have seen skyrocketing growth in the last few months as they offer least contact, several modes of payment, and greater stock. 

Reasons For The Rise of On-Demand Delivery Apps 

While many businesses have collapsed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses like a delivery app development company have witnessed growing popularity. There was always a delivery app for garments, food, medicine, cosmetics, etc. But the global crisis has made these platforms even more essential for the day to day lives of the common people. The pandemic has led to a boom in the rise of new on-demand delivery apps and platforms that are accessible through smartphones and laptops. There are a lot of reasons as to why businesses are seeking out companies for delivery app development, as people are preferring the convenience of these apps over going to the local grocery shops. Let us explore some of the reasons why these changes are taking place.

Contactless Services

As per the government notifications and health experts, social distancing is essential to prevent the virus from spreading. People are not going out unless it is absolutely necessary, and it has been made even easier by the on-demand delivery services. These platforms are adhering to contactless services by leaving the packages at the doorsteps of the customers. With an increase in demand and online orders, delivery app development companies help platforms on all technical aspects to keep a better track of all the orders. 

Different Modes of Contactless Payment

The major advantage of having delivery apps on your smart devices is the ability to pay via several different methods. From net banking, UPI ID, debit or credit cards, to payment apps like PayTM and PhonePe, the payment is completely contactless. It requires no physical exchange of cash, helping in maintaining safety and sanity during this deadly pandemic.

Instant and Convenient Service

Delivery services must focus on being able to provide instant and convenient service to its customers. In gaining the trust of its customers by providing what is absolutely necessary, an important aspect is a seamless and easy experience. A delivery app development company makes sure that the platform is easy and seamless, so that alongside helping the platform manage a huge amount of data on orders,  it also helps a user easily make these orders in the first place. 

Sanitized and Disinfected Products

Despite the need to maintain sanitation, many local businesses are not taking the pandemic seriously. Along with the lack of gloves and gear, there is also the practice of not sanitizing the product before giving them out to customers. This has created a huge risk for everyone as anybody might be a carrier of the disease. Thus, delivery apps are a much safer choice as they sanitize and disinfect each product before sending them out to their respective customers. These services have also committed to regular temperature checks of employees and minimum contact with necessary gear only.

Greater Stock Despite High Demand

Many delivery apps have access to supply chains in order to secure bulk orders for their stock to meet the high demand. Along with that, these platforms have allowed all local businessmen to sell on their platform and earn their livelihood, taking care of the rest of the process of sanitizing, packing, and delivering the products to their customers. The delivery app development companies help the platforms create a system to maintain these huge amounts of information of sellers, invoice, bills, and customers to make business easier.


The coronavirus pandemic is spreading on a daily basis and reaching bigger numbers each day. It is suggested that the effects of this pandemic will be felt for another few years, which will make the services of app developers much more crucial due to their technical prowess and support. With newer sellers and platforms joining in on the delivery services sector, the on-demand delivery app development market will continue to rise. 

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