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Smartphone usage has been a major game changer in the last decade. Many businesses now have their apps to cater to the needs of the customers and mobile banking app development is not an exception! Nowadays, customers prefer to carry their transactions online. There has been the problem of visibility for most of the banks due to the increase in the number of banks and banking solutions. Banking websites are no longer enough to fulfill the needs of the users for completing the transactions. Unless the needs are addressed, it impacts the revenue and customer experience. There is still a lot of unused potential and mobile banking solutions are indeed a must for modern customers.

Must Have Features in Mobile Banking App

Before you approach a mobile banking app development company for application development, you need to ensure your app includes the following must-have features in your mobile banking app.

Funds Transfer:

It is an important feature of the mobile banking app. You can easily transfer the funds to any account within seconds using this feature. All you needed to do is enter the person name, bank account number, branch, and amount. That’s it! You can now transfer the amount in seconds. There are also options like NEFT, IMPS for transfer of funds.


You can personalise the notifications as per your choice. The app can notify about the latest happenings, new solutions as well as the latest improvements in the banking app.

ATM locator:

You happen to be in a new place, and you are not sure of the location of the nearby ATM. The feature allows you to locate the nearest ATM using the GPS. You just need to open the app and the incorporated GPS helps you accurately locate the nearby ATM.

Top Trends and Strategies to Consider for the Mobile Banking App

Apart from security and data integrity, the banks are now looking for the latest trends and strategies to offer better services to the customers. The app developers must make better use of modern trends and strategies for mobile banking app development.

Cardless ATM Access:

You might be wondering how this is even possible to withdraw cash, even if you don’t have a physical debit/credit card. It is now made possible with the NFC (Near field communication) technology/Apple pay.

Biometric Authentication:

With the gradual rise in security data breaches by every passing day, financial institutions are utmost vulnerable. Now Biometrics are set to replace password authentication. Many financial institutions across the globe are investing in Biometric authentication for its employees and customers to have a secure, frictionless transaction anywhere.

Voice Banking is the Future:  

Sound- driven search is all set to exceed more than 50 percent of all web searches. Even though the implementation of voice-based search is picking up pace in recent times, it is thought to expand exponentially in the coming days. The feature helps amplify customer engagement, conversions and also insights.

Leveraging Customers data to their Advantage:

The banks need to carefully analyse the data and implement in a way that better serves the customers. It is here the AI (Artificial intelligence) and other machine learning algorithms play a vital role. A majority of the users tend to switch banks that offer better digital capabilities and services.

Making Mobile Human:

Customers are not only looking for digital experiences from the banks, but they are also looking to have a human connection in the interactions

Even though the digital banking tools continue to proliferate at an exponential phase, human intervention still matters! Recognising this, Umpqua bank launched Human digital banking strategy, where customer experience and banking relations occupy a central place. Recently Umpqua bank launched Umpqua Go-To app, the First Human Digital Banking Platform to act as a personal banker to address the needs, even there is no account balance.  


Thinking of developing a mobile banking application! Then you need to approach the best mobile app development company for your project. Implementing the strategies mentioned above would lead to revolutionary methods for improving the quality of banking services.



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