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SharePoint consultants help develop solutions that best suit your business for you to drive a higher return of investment (ROI).

Developing SharePoint Solutions

Have you got tired of the long-time-taking content management processes? Does it also come with limitations of the existing SharePoint services that are failing in serving the objective towards actual implementation? Experience the high-end skills in all sectors of SharePoint services from apps, mobile developments, administrative services to customize your software for you. There are several onshore and offshore development firms that have delivered scalable and robust solutions capable to solve multifaceted challenges in business. We have developed highly competent CMS teaming with SharePoint on-premise and online set-ups.

Some of the businesses with their SharePoint projects enable organizations to help the effortless process of sharing and smooth collaboration. They engage please inform several stakeholders, connect with collective knowledge-base, find the information very swiftly, enhance team-work also continuously change business processes.

Intranet platform

Within a single platform, every internal client stakeholder would be able to visit the current intranet, tailor-make, and provide access to handy and rather details like company events, announcements, training and project documents, job openings, birthday, holidays plus more.

These businesses come with expertise like:

  • Single platform
  • Silos in Blocks for announcements
  • Automated triggered emails
  • Additional shared calendar
  • Designs that are flexible
  • Help plus search functionality

Performance Management

Intranet comes as a dashboard application that is built on SharePoint technology with Office 365 where the employees can locate all the company-related materials within one space.

The essential features of this platform are:

  • Look and feel that is user-friendly
  • Seamless applications
  • Blocking drag and drop facility
  • Attendance management
  • Holiday management

Project Management

Within one single global platform, all the stakeholders could manage the details of their projects, team information that’s project related, plan and schedule all meetings, conduct product management announcements, keep tracking project status also have access to project documents and reports.

The expertises we come with are:

  • Completely dynamic platform
  • Banner section
  • Priority project space
  • View of the project calendar
  • Project Milestone access
  • Access permission

Additional features of Analytics for SharePoint Online

  • Deeply embedded integration along with power BI
  • It gives a visually appealing and comprehensive look to all your reports and the analytics data
  • Reports and dashboards that is ready to use
  • This helps in starting data analysis immediately
  • Cross-linked and drill-down reports across sites

Along with the feature added site collection would give you a complete in-depth understanding of the exact behavior of the user, site, or document usage along with visit patterns

  • Accumulate analytics data so that you could perform a deep behavioral analysis plus prepare effective strategies of development
  • Send all your reports to your teams and colleagues creating a specific schedule via email
  • Filter, group and export data to check exactly what you require
  • Seamless deployment is that highest level of security with no special training needed for your staff

Why SharePoint services?

SharePoint creates collaboration in teams and projects or makes the entire organization greater productive as the documents are shared easier, faster also worked on at the same time. Every employee of the team can access them also knows exactly which location to find what they are looking for.

You can further simply automate tedious manual works and reduce the chaos in your data plus need to send much lesser internal emails. This is exactly how SharePoint can boost speed, transparency, and productivity.

Tips and tricks of getting organized on the SharePoint services

Establish absolutely clear rules regarding the usage pattern of SharePoint

SharePoint would only be as good as the processes on which it is based. If you don’t want a SharePoint service that is disorganized, but a rather potentially amiable and helpful tool that creates seamless work for you, you would need to establish the rules.

We would recommend establishing all those before you get started (or in case you are too disorganized, rather soon):

  • Which of files needs to be loaded?
  • Where do these files be uploaded?
  • Which people are responsible for which kinds of uploads?
  • Who is the teacher of new employees in SharePoint?

A logical and clear structure of all folders and files is the basis for SharePoint services. Logical, however, does not mean logical only for a single person in charge. The logic should rather be clear to the complete team.

Customize SharePoint services

Working on your SharePoint that feels and looks like your organization, instead of any random tool would be highly pleasant for your employees. Hence, take this opportunity to adapt your branding to SharePoint too. Customize it with your Continuous Integration (CI) colors also upload your logo to depict whose SharePoint it belongs to.

Consistency is a great payoff in an event where employees are a parcel of more than just one team. Build a template they can utilize for every new page.

Manage all access requests within one location

There isn’t one single person in one organization that uses SharePoint and hasn’t received a certain error message:

The issue: You are attempting to access a single file that wasn’t shared with you. What would you do? You click on the button and request access. And most of the time nothing happens. The person who has the power to give you the permission either doesn’t see the email or several admins are ignoring it.

Avoid this kind of problem by including support e-mail IDs for specifically these kinds of requests. It is recommended to keep your support team in the loop.

Get versioning enabled

Sharepoint too cannot prevent all the errors if people collaborate on the documents. However, the platform gives a simple solution for the same: all that is needed from your end is to enable versioning. With the help of versioning, edits made to the documents are saved and the lists can be tracked along with older versions restored.

Enable alerts

With several different people creating changes and edits to the documents in SharePoint, there is always a danger of missing out on something you would want to keep constant track of. It, therefore, is completely sensible to create alerts to receive notifications when these documents are altered.

For documents that come with even greater priority, you could add an additional step for validation to give editing permission.

Power Automate to automate workflows

There are several tasks that would not actually take much time to do and that could be the actual reason why we most of the time put them aside or tend to forget about the incident completely. Approvals also reminders are a few of the common instances.

In SharePoint, you have the ability to automate processes by creating a so-called flow from the SharePoint library or list.

Use columns

Columns allow you to filter, do editing and create groups of the imported data. You would be able to add them to the lists of the libraries also pick from many different types of columns, for instance, yes/no fields, Place or Number, Person, or Group.

Columns would help you to turn a list into a table that is similar to Excel also manage details in a structured manner.

To Conclude:

We know that there is a lot more to digital transformation than a mere nice and tidy SharePoint. It is crucial that people within your business welcome change while new tools get introduced, which is the reason why we request you to carefully structure out your requirements and decide what you get out of the immense capabilities that SharePoint services can provide.

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham is a Senior Digital Marketing Manager at ParamInfo Computer Services Pvt Ltd. He is passionate about topics such as SaaS, productivity, Android and iOS, general technology, and business.

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