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Globalization, the rise of IT, Covid, and a host of other factors have become the reason why the count of online customers is on a constant rise. This has made businesses show interest in creating online stores so that the sale of their services and products can be maximized. Well, several types of eCommerce platforms exist for businesses to use and create a multi-featured plus all digital mode compatible eCommerce website.  

However, if I talk about one of the most reliable and best platforms on an eCommerce website builder, then Magento is one and it is currently in demand and most broadly adopted by several industries, mainly healthcare, retail, and eCommerce sectors.  

Magento comes with out-of-the-box features, themes, and plugins that are accessible to support the business towards enhancing the experience of a customer. To make absolutely accurate usage of Magento and utilize the platform features perfectly, you could take help from the dedicated Magento developers who work in the best Magento eCommerce companies.  

Certain remarkable stats about Magento 

  • The current figures of businesses utilizing the Magento eCommerce platform in their live websites are 207,057; additionally some 551,541 sites have adopted Magento earlier.  
  • Magento today is at the third position in the list of highly famous eCommerce platform.  
  • 12 percent of the eCommerce websites today get created with Magento.  

Reasons behind using Magento for building an online store:  

Magento is considered one of the best platforms for eCommerce and is loved by almost all businesses that have adopted it in their eCommerce websites. The following 8 reasons will tell you why these businesses chose Magento:  

  1. Web development that is pocket friendly 

Affordability is something that is so crucial that every company considers it while choosing an eCommerce platform for website development. If you need a quick development solution in eCommerce, the fittest software today is Magento.  

If you choose this software, you know it is rather economical, the reason being cloud hosting brings down the maintenance costs. Moreover, the total cost of web development also depends on how many functionalities and features you wish to integrate. If you begin an SME or startup business, then Magento can be the perfect software for you. 

  1. Multiple website management 

Uniting different types of online stores within the eCommerce website may be the best idea to obtain higher customer reach, where it has been efficiently accomplished using Magento. Mostly, enterprises choose the Magento platform to implement a multi-story strategy, something that finally assists in the creation and maintenance of an online store from one dashboard. This functionality helps in saving time and benefits in the fast and easy creation of your website.  

  1. Backup of a strong community 

Magento is a wider community bringing in project managers, bloggers, eCommerce developers, eCommerce Services Providers, and much more. With the Magento community support, you could resolve the errors and issues you face while creating your eCommerce website.  

360,000+ forum members are united with this community of Magento and they are extremely smart and capable of accommodating proper guidelines and solutions for any specific subject. Moreover, for those looking for seamless website development, a Magento developer can be an excellent option for creating excellent eCommerce apps.  

  1. SEO friendly 

Multi-functional options are one of the main features of Magento, where SEO-friendly features happen to be one of the main parts. With this feature, you can focus on several SEO-based activities like sitemaps, positioning layers, URL structures that are SEO-friendly, also much more. Moreover, sites that are united with several SEO plugins and extensions help you rank your website in a rather seamless and agile manner.  

  1. Open-source platform  

This platform is open-to-use and allows online retailers to customization of web apps according to their business needs. To use this platform for free, you need to install it on your device.  

  1. Superb performance 

If you wish to know the best performance, Magento is probably the best as it supports bringing down the loading time of the page plus several other operations. This software or platform has the capacity to incorporate 1000+ extensions all of which are primarily used for the objective of customization. Moreover, to create a unique site for yourself, you may use the new options of customization.  

  1. Several payment alternatives 

For increasing the satisfaction of the client and seamless management of the payment process, most of the time, eCommerce sites prefer the integration of multiple options of payment.  

  1. Integration can be managed with other software 

The website that is built with the Magento eCommerce platform can be rather seamlessly integrated with third-party services. Moreover, this platform includes several built-in Google tools like Google Analytics, Google Base, Google Checkout, and these profit your business by intensifying the performance of your business.  


Whether you are the owner of the online store or you plan on starting it in the near future, always choose that eCommerce website development software that fits your budget and funds. Magento could be your most suitable choice as it involves several features plus functionalities and is incorporated with more affordable features compared to other platforms like WooCommerce, Shopify, and Wix, to name a few.  

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham is a Senior Digital Marketing Manager at ParamInfo Computer Services Pvt Ltd. He is passionate about topics such as SaaS, productivity, Android and iOS, general technology, and business.

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