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It has become crucial for businesses these days to have a mobile app and when these businesses finally get settled on getting one developed, they must be looking for ways to get it refined to a level that sets standards in their industry. Though ventures can hire an expert developer too, outsourcing the development of the mobile app can be a better idea for, it is not only cheaper & efficient, but also involves a lesser amount of risk.

If you outsource the mobile app development, you need to be very wary of a lot of things and take every step carefully. With a colossal amount of mobile app development companies available for outsourcing, it can create a lot of confusion for you to choose the right one. In this article, we have come up with 10 things you must look for while outsourcing mobile app development for your business, which are as follows:

1.Comprehend the marketing message

Making sure that the team can comprehend the marketing message you want to put across to the consumers through the app is vital. Getting inspired by an app isn’t bad until the team can reveal your USP (Unique Selling Point) through the app, and so, some extent of innovation should be highly sought after. Creating a similar app isn’t wrong until the team can bring something fresh and unique to the table.

2.Team’s Proficiency in User Interface

User experience is of utmost importance for any app as it decides how well your app can engage your audience. Moreover, app discovery and marketing involve high costs and getting it right from the get-fo becomes even more important for app development. You must look for reviews of the apps on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store before of the apps developed by the company or team you are outsourcing your work to, which can make this aspect crystal clear for you.

3.The Team/Company’s Involvement

Verify at the beginning itself about the level of involvement of the team or the company in the development process after the project sign off stage. Ensure that the key stakeholders interact with you whenever you need during the development phase as well to make sure the process of app development is seamless and the final product is exactly what you need.

4.Expertise in App Development Environments

Unlike traditional development, mobile app development involves multiple development environments including Android, Ionic, PhoneGap, Xcode, and so on. Make sure you validate it at the start itself that the outsourcing company has adequate capabilities on the required platform of development.

5.Reviews and testimonials

It’s not uncommon as to how various companies have been creating fake reviews & testimonials on their websites. So, you must ensure the reviews and testimonials you have been asked to go through are true and valid. Ask the outsourcing company for details of apps they have created for a given client and confirm whether it is live or not. Moreover, it’s good to have a discussion with the key stakeholders who have created the apps.

6.The Service Quality

Cost doesn’t always determine the quality of an app. However, when you are making big investments, you must pay heed to the quality of the service. Making sure you are getting enough worth for your investment is important. Remember, there is a big bold line between getting the right deal and getting an extremely cheap offer.

7.The Intellectual Property

It is imperative to get the ownership of IP clarified at the beginning itself and that you should have the ownership of the mobile app unless you decide something else mutually with the app developers or companies you might be engaging with.


While selecting the app development team you must go through their portfolio and before you sign the contract, make sure that the same designer/team will be accountable for your project all the way through. Companies that outsource the project to the third party hardly deliver satisfactory work.

9.Well-timed delivery of work

While signing the contract itself, take confirmation about the well-timed delivery of the work so that the outsourcing company due to any given reason does not slow down the development process in the middle.

10.The Non-Disclosure Agreements

If the outsourcing company refuses to sign a Non-Disclosure agreement with you, you must not do business with them as the agreement guarantees you the sole ownership of all the Intellectual Property Rights of the app once it is developed and given over.


It has become imperative to go through a rigorous process of hard research to choose the right team of developers or app development company in dubai and India to outsource the work to. ParamInfo, with its team of proficient app developers in dubai and India, makes sure that all the aforementioned points are ticked off in your checklist, and provide you with exemplary app development fitting your needs. Contact our team of specialists and leave the mechanical work to us!

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