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Nowadays, mobile apps are critical to the success of any business. Customers tend to prefer mobile apps over the desktop for carrying a greater portion of their online transactions. Hence, it has become an absolute necessity for any business to have optimised mobile apps. Due to an increased demand for app developers, the industry is flooded with a plethora of app development companies. Dubai has become the epicentre of mobile application development; this can be attributed to a rich pool of talented app developers in Dubai.

Choosing the best mobile app development company housing expert app developers are vital for the success of any business. If you end up choosing wrong app developers, your business ends up in a disaster. Once the reputation of the business is damaged, you may not have the second chance to rebuild the app. The mobile app developers in Dubai are well equipped with all the advanced knowledge concerning technology, development, and privacy. In this article, we offer you the do’s and don’ts of choosing the best mobile app developer.

Do’s of Picking the Best Mobile Developer

1) A Developer with a Strong Domain Expertise

A developer should be well versed with the domain and must hold in-depth knowledge of your intrinsic requirements. The company needs to have expertise in mobile app development of your area. Even though the company holds a portfolio displaying expertise in other core areas, it is a strict no-no.

2) Flexible Across Multiple Platforms

The developers must have prior experience of app development across multiple platforms such as Android and iOS. Having a mere experience in one platform does not serve good. The team must understand all your requirements and should possess in-depth knowledge of all the platforms.

3) Team with Right Portfolio and Impressive Technology Stack

Make sure to choose a company that uses the same technology stack or different technologies for projects across multiple platforms. Having a glimpse at the portfolio also lets you know whether the company has worked with similar apps in the past. It also gives a fair idea of the expertise and capability of the team. The right sized team can have a greater focus on the projects. Make sure to pick the ideal team size that is neither small nor too large.

4) App Developer Innovates Across Platforms and a Good Communicator

 The mobile apps with decluttered and easy design stay well ahead of the race in the competition. Apart from developing an app across an open source platform, the developer must have enough knowledge to inculcate innovation in features and functions. 

An ideal company with good communication constantly updates the clientele with regular updates. So, the client has a basic idea of the pace of completion of the project. It also gives a rough estimate of the developers keen interest in the project based on timely suggestions.

Avoid Choosing the App Developers Featuring the Following Cons.

1) Don’t Go Solely by Pricing

Although, you may have a limited budget, approaching an app development company only based on the pricing is a big blunder. It may have dangerous consequences in the long run, and your app might turn to a serious disaster.

You need to be careful while picking a company offering an attractive price. The company might be having developers with minimum expertise. You need to check the expertise, portfolio, proficiency, track record and so on before making a move.

2) Never Trust a Company that Doesn’t Offer Documentation 

The company should offer proper documentation of the mobile app. An app needs to be constantly upgraded with features, functionalities for improved performance. Without adequate documentation, it is not possible to inculcate the changes in the future.

Further, you may not be availing the services of the mobile developer for future upgrades and improvements. You may be working with a different team in the future; in such a scenario, the team may not be able to carry out the upgrades and other improvements without proper documentation.

3) Offshore Developers with limited Resources

We wish to have our mobile app developed by the best app developers in the world. Thanks to globalisation, it is now a mere possibility. But before you approach an offshore developer, you need to absolutely sure about the technology and resources. Also, the cost and technology of the developers vary across geographies. Also, always pick a developer that has certified resources on a roll.

4) Avoid Developers with no Maintenance Policy

Although the development and release of the app is the prime objective, an app development company must also offer Post-launch support. An app developer needs to be continuously upgrade the mobile app with new features and updates. Also, in case of any bugs, the developer has to fix the bugs from time to time.

5) App Developer Must be Aware of the Changing Privacy Concerns

The Government is lending the utmost importance to data protection and privacy. The app developers must be well aware of all the government policies to stay away from any regulations; else you would be on the receiving end of the penalties in case of any violation.


Before you pick a right app developer for your next project, ensure to keep in mind the above-mentioned criteria. An app development forms the crust of any business, and if you happen to choose a wrong developer, your business is sure to sink in no time. Customers no longer tolerate an app that is not well developed and does not offer you a second chance of getting it rectified. So, ensure that your first decision would be your best decision.

Hire a Developer

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