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UAE has witnessed an enormous GDP growth in the past 50 years of its young federation. It is the second-largest economy in the GCC (after Saudi Arabia), with a nominal gross domestic product (GDP) of 414.2 billion USD, and a real GDP of 392.8 billion USD.

It is amongst the world’s richest countries with the seventh-largest oil deposits. This has resulted in a lot of job opportunities in the UAE. As UAE has a great base for business, one can create great opportunities for jobs as well.

Strategically, UAE is located between Europe, Africa, and Asia. This makes it preferable to hold trades in all these continents. The investor-friendly legislation, financial flexibility, and tax environments, and well-established infrastructure, make UAE an ideal business location. The immediate and long-term initiatives by the government to foster the business environment in the UAE also make it preferable. In 2019-2020, IT jobs in UAE have taken up a major share in job trends.

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IT and Software Jobs in UAE

As far as the major job openings in UAE are concerned, the highest share is backed by IT professionals and Financial Managers. There are many IT jobs in UAE, each offering great packages. There is also a huge scope of management professionals, accountants, network engineers, law professionals, and personal assistants job openings in the UAE. Software jobs in UAE can earn you a whopping annual income ranging between $52,300 and $ 125,100. With an increasing scope, the salary bracket is also expanding considerably.

There are ample opportunities for IT jobs in UAE. With a work experience of 3-4 years, you can easily get jobs in UAE.

There are major job opportunities in the UAE in the segment of data privacy, security, application specialist, digital solution analyst, IT audit manager, web developer, etc.

You will also need to get a labor card issued by the Ministry of Labor along with a Residence Visa. And with your work visa, health care, labor card, and residence visa in hand, you’re all set to legally start working in UAE.

Job Roles and Relevant skills

Considering the heightened scope in Software jobs in UAE, positions and roles like software developers, technical analysts, digital engineers, programming experts, etc, are on the rise.

Skills like big data, AutoCAD, digital marketing, JAVA, Python, etc can help job seekers in searching for the perfect jobs in UAEat ParamInfo.

Why ParamInfo

As businesses are on a rise in UAE, there are a number of job opportunities being created at a commendable pace. It is essential to be updated about the forthcoming openings and to align one’s skill set with the trending requirements in different industries. For all the aspiring job seekers in UAE, ParamInfo brings the best online platform to browse the job openings that suit their profile and skills. In this competitive arena of jobs, ParamInfo is on a roll to justify its e-services in this segment with its astounding technical assistance to job seekers and employers across the globe. The work has been made easier than ever. Get on the online application system and get started with the large array of options that you’ll be served with.

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