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Sr. Business Analyst

Experience: 9-12
Posted: 31 Mar,2022
Location: United Arab Emirates

Sr. Business Analyst

Work location : Dubai

Job Purpose :
  • Digital Product Expert has end-to-end responsibility for the development, management, harmonization and phasing out of commercial products, services, channel formulas and processes within one or more segments and is familiar with the relationship between these aspects, with a view to achieving an optimum customer experience. 

  • This concerns a broad specialism regarding the product, channel or market with end-to-end responsibility for the squad's activities. The Customer Journey expert works in a squad within Mashreq’s Digital Studio. Works together with other experts to achieve the squad's mission. Has expertise in the areas of marketing, product management, channel and process optimization. Can fulfil the role of Product Owner within a squad, what is achieved within a squad and what are the priorities used. Each squad has a single product owner. A product owner works according to their own expertise (job role) for around 90% of the time and performs the product owner role during the remaining time. 

Responsibilities :
  • Works closely with Product Owner and acts as a Business Analyst cum Proxy Product owner to build the features in Internal App for Corporate Relationship Managers
  • Stand-in for Product Owner and help with grooming stories, help drive adoption with RMs and work with UAT coordinators to obtain RM feedback and prioritize the backlog.
  • Applies profound product/ service knowledge to develop and maintain an attractive and compliant value proposition and delivery excellence for customers. 
  • Develops, manages, harmonizes and phases out the customer processes of products and services, as well as everyday customer sales. 
  • Deals with the most urgent incidents and improvement needs. 
  • Proposes and implements structural improvements to work processes, following improvement needs flagged up from within the touch point. 
  • Uses his/her technical expertise and experience to contribute to all sprint events (planning, refinements, retrospectives, demos) 
  • Keeps track of and analyses market and competition developments (in the area of cost price, market price, market share, legislation and regulations, technological developments, distribution methods and other areas). 
  • Weighs up development of new products and services against procurement of possible sub- products. 
  • Initiates customer research. 
  • Translates the strategy into practical policy. Formulates the product, process and channel policy in keeping with: 
  • assortment policy 
  • IT landscape/architecture 
  • internal and external legislation and regulations 
  • process principles aiming for maximum customer satisfaction and efficiency and the lowest possible cost price. Directs implementation of this strategy, tracks squad progress and adjusts wherever necessary in his or her role as a product owner. 
  • Prioritizes the backlog regarding strategy, customer interests and feasibility in his or her role 
  • as product owner and in consultation with the Digital Studio lead. 
  • Monitors the planning, budget and requirements and completes backlog items during squad sprints. 
  • Weighs up the implications of margins, volumes and market shares and sets targets, always keeping customer interests a priority. 
  • Design, maps and improves the performance of Customer Journeys through identifying and collecting available CX and data, and translating UX and IT-landscapes. 
  • Applies marketing and communication practices to develop and maintain an optimal (digital) mix for channel and/or segments performance 
  • Has up-to-date knowledge of the business domain and the underlying application architecture + relevant IT landscape and technologies. Knowledgeable on IT opportunities to support business goals. And is able to translate business solutions into working software by collaborating with IT engineers. 

Must Have:
  1. Banking and Finance experience 
  2. Wholesale Banking experience is mandatory
  3. Trade Finance experience 
  4. Stakeholder Management experience
  5. Business requirement gathering
  6. Interaction with Product Owner
  7. Agile Project
  8. Strong experience in software design and development
  9. Excellent communication and mentoring skills

  • Advantage _ CSM/Scrum Certification 

Knowledge :
  • Knowledge of an agile framework or method (i.e., Scrum, Kanban), or understanding of software development life cycle models as well as in-depth knowledge of traditional project management principles and practices.
  • Knowledge and/or experience with widely successful Agile techniques: User Stories, TDD, Continuous Integration, Continuous Testing, Paired Programming, Automated Testing, Agile Games
  • Experience applying a wide variety of well documented patterns and techniques for filling in the intentional gaps left in the Scrum approach (example: numerous Burndown techniques, numerous Retrospective formats, handling bugs, etc.)

Required Skills

Wholesale Banking
Business Analyst
Banking - Trade Finance
Stakeholder Management
Business Requirement gathering
Agile Project