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Creative Developer

Experience: 4-7
Posted: 09 Mar,2022
Location: United Arab Emirates

Creative Developer

Work Location : Abu Dhabi

Years of Experience:

  • 3+ years of experience.
  • 2+ years of experience as UX designer.

Key Responsibilities :

  • Extensive skills and creative way of thinking of solutions when styling.
  • making the best of efficient code in all languages; knowing how to use browsers developer tool to analyse it.
  • Giving feedback on what is and what isn’t accessible for people with cognitive or non-cognitive disabilities and optimizing HTML code in consequence.
  • Being aware of what can be used, what can’t, CSS-prefixes, Js poly fills and more, to make it work on multiple browsers.
  • Being aware of the best choices of tags and naming for further styling, Javascript DOM manipulations, accessibility and SEO.
  • Relatively good skills and vision of how the DOM works and how to control it in the most efficient way possible.
  • Delivering multiple formats of screens through CSS breakpoints and being aware of the most used resolutions.
  • Using HTML the best way possible to facilitate future SEO.
  • Checking fidelity vis-à-vis designs and quality of code; testing behaviours in different browsers and screen resolutions.
  • Developing and maintaining design wireframes (basic mock-ups of applications) and specifications. 
  • Work on cross-platform applications to develop user experiences covering mobile phones, tablets and computers
  • Redesign systems in all platform to make them more responsive
  • Work collaboratively with other designers, product design and development teams, business analysts, engineers, and project managers
  • Attend meetings to discuss and review progress on the project
  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Keep up to date with technological innovations and new tools.
  • Conducting product testing to identify problems and areas for improvement within the customer experience
  • Staying up to date with industry trends and best practices
  • Adjusting design concepts as consumer and market needs change.

Educational and Technical Qualifications: 

  • Strong sense in motion, arts and interactivity.
  • Knowledge of micro interactions and web animations.
  • Adobe Creative Suites. Figma is optional
  • CMS : knowing how the CMS works; what languages, frameworks and libraries exist within it and how the architecture work. Mainly WordPress, Drupal, Magento and Prestation.
  • Using browsers developer tool to edit HTML, CSS and outputting JavaScript logs.
  • having a good knowledge of LESS, SASS/SCSS, Stylus etc, so you can produce coherent and powerful code quicker.
  • PHP : understanding the very basic functions and how html templates can be called there.
  • Twig : understanding how templating works through Twig.
  • UI Tools : basic knowledge of how to edit, comment and share existing interfaces. Mainly in adobe xd,Invision, Figma, Sketch and Zepelin.
  • Versioning Tools : initializing, creating and resolving conflict in repos using Git, GitBash, Tortoise or GitKraken and the command lines.
  • Work Environment Tools : understanding how such tools, like Docker and Npm work, and a basic knowledge of their command lines.
  • W3C : aware of what a good practice is and what is not regarding HTML & CSS for a better rating of websites and web-apps.

Language Skills: 

English and Arabic – Good Written and Spoken.

Required Skills

UI /UX Design
motion art
interactive design
web animation using Java script
Adobe Creative Suite