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Senior Infrastructure Architect

Experience: 10-10
Posted: 16 Sep,2021
Location: Qatar

An infrastructure architect works with business leaders to determine the outcomes that a technical project or system should deliver, then they design, build and deploy it as part of a larger project.

Not just tasked with creating new core infrastructure elements, the job role also includes assessing current systems for security and suitability and researching potential upgrades.

Daily duties may include:

  • Assessing existing systems to ensure they meet business requirements.
  • Monitoring the security of existing business systems.
  • Predicting and overseeing infrastructure or software upgrades based on business needs Technical direction of new system implementations.
  • Creating detailed project plans for new system designs and roll outs.
  • Reporting on project deployments.
  • System Requirements analysis to ensure security and the business requirements. Also, analyze business requirements to identify where they can integrate new hardware, operating systems, or connectivity solutions.
  • Recommend Alternative Technologies and Improvements.
  • Lead Design and Review of New Systems and review processes for new systems. 
  • Plan for Integration and create detailed plans for the integration of new systems architecture into existing infrastructure. 
  • Evaluate Projects and identifying best practices by provide feedback to leadership and incorporate this information into future integration plans

Required Skills

infrastructure architecture & design
Analysis of Business Requirements
Project plan estimation
Develop & Support Integration design