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Information Security Officer

Experience: 5-5
Posted: 12 Jul,2020
Location: United Arab Emirates

Develop, review and update of Information Security policy and Processes in the line with best practices, in coordination with relevant organisational units.Plan execute and  monitor the IS program and provide specialized technical support.

  •            Plan,  execute,  and  monitor  the  IS  program,  and  ensure  its  integration  with policies and processes       
  •               processes    in    line    with    best    practices,    in    coordination    with    relevant
  •          organizational units.

  •    Identify,  develop,  obtain,  and  manage  information  assets  across,  in  line with relevant directions by line manager.

·     Plan,   develop,   and   update   IS   Risk   Assessment   Methodology ,   and ensure regular review of such methodology.

·       Monitor   set   up   and   execution   of   appropriate   operational   controls,   and develop policies based on the Risk Assessment results.

·      Take  actions  that  would  ensure  compliance  with  the  IS  program,  and submit    periodic    and    ad    hoc    reports    on    the    status    of    IS    system implementation    to    Line    Manager    and    relevant    entities    in    line    with established policy.

·    Provide   specialized   technical   support   to   different  organizational   units so   they   can   undertake   their   IS   commitments   and   responsibilities   in   line with relevant established directions.

  •         Develop   and   implement   security   training,   awareness,   and   education   plans on regular basis for staff and relevant 3rd parties.

·    Regular and constant follow up on latest updates in the field, and proposing solutions to develop work processes.

      ·     Any other roles or duties that are relevant to the nature of the job as assigned  

Academic Qualification and Years of Experience


A. Essential

- IT or other relevant specialty Minimum of 12 years of practical experience for Bachelor or equivalent; 6 years for Masters; 3 years for PhD in similar work

  1. Additional

Specialized occupational degree in the field.

Required Skills

Information Security applications
ISO 27001 and audit skills
Develop and implement security training, awareness