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Teradata Admin

Experience: 4-4
Posted: 23 Jan,2020
Location: India
  • Ability to take on responsibilities as a Teradata engineer with good knowledge on Teradata administration.
  • The creation, update and deletion of database objects such as Databases, Views, Users, Roles and Profiles etc.
  • Space Management Managing the allocation of database space (Permanent Space, Spool Space and Temporary Space) across the entire system.
  • Coordinates upgrades with the vendors and participates in the disaster recovery exercises.
  • Able to create stored procedures to support the continued functioning of the Teradata data warehouse.
  • Work collaboratively with the database operations team and the vendor to resolve incidents and mitigate risks.
  • Manages and monitor system performance, proactively monitor the database systems to ensure and secure services with minimum downtime.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of Performance Data Collection and Reporting (PDCR) and Database Query Logging (DBQL)
  • Expertise with installing, maintaining, using all the Teradata tools (ex BTEQ, SQL Assistant, TPUMP, TD Administrator, ODBC, MLOAD, Fast load, etc.)
  • Expertise in Space management: setup the purging policy, implementing compression techniques.
  • Experience in Performance Tuning-required.
  • Performance optimization of resource intensive ETL and individual user queries. Work with others as a team and provide recommendation for process improvement.
  • Providing suggestions to DBA's on optimal workload management settings in TASM to be able to meet response-time SLA's as well as optimize resource consumption.
  • Capacity Planning & Management Analyse the past and current data to predict the future capacity (CPU processing and Storage) requirements.
  • Incident Management Experience in handling live incident related to Teradata system.

Required Skills

Teradata administration.