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NOC engineer

Experience: 6-6
Posted: 23 Aug,2021
Location: United Arab Emirates

  • Experience in Cisco ISE
  • Should know the Difference between .1x and mab policies and mac authentication bypass
  • Difference between VLAN and VRF (Virtual Routing and Forwarding)?
  • Experience in CISCO switches configuration
  • (Scenario)There’s an endpoint, let’s say the phone is not working or printer is not working. How are you going to troubleshoot it. Cable is connected, cable is fine. How are you going to troubleshoot it in a switch?
  • Experience in monitoring software like solarwinds and ITSM tool
  • Experience on Access points and trouble shooting – wireless, controllers and access points
  • What is a CAPWAP tunnel? Is it control traffic or data traffic?

Required Skills