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Digital Solution Scrum Master

Experience: 11-11
Posted: 01 Feb,2021
Location: United Arab Emirates

Job Description :

Scrum Master will lead the scrum teams and provide coaching to the team/organization, ensuring adherence to established Agile processes and practices. The Scrum Master will be responsible for numerous tasks covering the product development life cycle. In addition to pure scrum master job, the incumbent will also be required to perform certain project management tasks. 


Role Purpose

  • The Scrum Master ensures that the Scrum process is used as intended.
  • Keep the Development Team in alignment with the Scrum framework, values and principles, and ensure the team is focused on continuous improvement
  • Enforces daily builds to detect early issues in the compiled and aggregated code, as well as in the functionality delivered.
  • Facilitate Daily Scrums, Sprint Planning, Product Backlog refinement, Sprint Reviews, Sprint, Retrospectives, release planning, and other team activities as required
  • Encourage team self-organization & empowerment
  • Share new industry Agile best practices
  • Facilitate Retrospectives which generate new ideas for process improvement
  • Ensure preparation for planning through effective Product Backlog refinement sessions
  • Ensure planning meetings fully prepare the team for the upcoming Sprints and release
  • Actively remove impediments that slow any aspect of the Development Team’s efforts
  • Work closely with the Technical Delivery Manager, Program Manager, and Business Experts to ensure visibility and resolution of technical and business challenges
  • Actively participate in organizational Agile activities
  • Promote and support the Development Team’s automated processes
  • Assist the team in implementing the process improvements they've defined in the Sprint Retrospectives
  • Support the Product Owner in writing effective Product Backlog Items and maintaining the prioritized backlogs for multiple products as the Development Team’s provide estimates for the upcoming items
  • Assist the Product Owner in the Story refinement process
  • Develop and maintain relevant metrics that guide the Development Team to more efficient processes in their work and in satisfying their Product Owner and stakeholders.
  • Identify and manage dependencies with other internal or external teams
  • Work closely with Project Management to ensure proper project and portfolio reporting, including active risk management


Skill Set:

  • Knowledge of Scrum rules and  use Agile Technical Practices
  • Knowledge of project management 
  • Shows judgment / self-confidence and ability to work under tight schedule
  • Shows determination and ability to find solutions / develop effective courses of action.
  • Has effective communication skills and able to explain technical issues
  • Formulates advice, suggests next steps

Required Skills

Agile scrum methodologies
Scrum Master
Agile (Scrum/Kanban)
Banking Domain