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AutoCad - Civil Drafter

Experience: 3-3
Posted: 21 May,2018
Location: United Arab Emirates
Prepare drawings and topographical and relief maps used in civil engineering projects, such as highways, bridges, pipelines, flood control projects, and water and sewerage control systems, CCTV, Security Systems.

  1. Produce drawings using computer-assisted drafting systems (CAD) or drafting machines or by hand using compasses, dividers, protractors, triangles and other drafting devices.
  2. Draft plans and detailed drawings for structures, installations, and construction projects such as highways, sewage disposal systems, and dikes, working from sketches or notes.
  3. Draw maps, diagrams, and profiles, using cross-sections and surveys, to represent elevations, topographical contours, subsurface formations and structures.
  4. Correlate, interpret, and modify data obtained from topographical surveys, well logs, and geophysical prospecting reports.
  5. Finish and duplicate drawings and documentation packages, according to required mediums and specifications for reproduction, using blueprinting, photography, or other duplicating methods.
  6. Review rough sketches, drawings, specifications, and other engineering data received from civil engineers to ensure that they conform to design concepts.
  7. Supervise and train other technologists, technicians, and drafters.

  • AutoCAD Civil 2D or 3D experience preferred.
  • Ability to independently create cross sections, profiles and/or other materials within our civil discipline for technical review.
  • Perform 3D work and provide earthwork volumes with supervision.
  • Advanced user of Civil 3D they will help perform tasks to include, but not limited to the creation of Dynamic and Annotated/Attributed Blocks, Linetype creation, Alignments, Profiles, Sections, Assemblies, Corridors, Point and Point Databases, Grading objects, Pipe Networks, Surface Modeling, and Civil 3D Style Editing.

Required Skills

2D Experience
3D Experience
MEP and Electrical Drawings with Legends, Quantity