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Senior IT Project Manager

Experience: 10-15
Posted: 05 Apr,2022
Location: Bahrain

Senior IT Project Manager

Work location : Bahrain/Dubai

Job Purpose :

This position is responsible for information systems planning, coordination, monitoring and 

management of wide range of IT banking and technology projects for the bank across the Group.

Experience :

At least 10 years’ experience in information technology & IT project management. 

Knowledge :
  •  Strong knowledge and understanding of banking information systems and services.
  • Ability to develop methodologies, project plans, scope, schedules, etc. 
key responsibilities IT Planning & Project Senior Manager Role:

1.Planning, Project Management and Coordination:

  • Plan and manage the implementation of IT banking systems and technology projects both locally and Group-wide.
  • Manage third party relationships including negotiation and multiple orders related to implementation, enhancements and maintenance. 
  • Communicate with the various project stakeholders including business sponsors, senior management, program managers, business users, IT Analysts and solution providers.
  • Arrange planning workshops to address the requirements related to implementation of new projects and initiatives and major release-upgrades in light of product roadmaps and with involvement of strategic partners and relevant project stakeholders.

2.Support Developing IT Strategies & Frameworks:

  • Support the development of IT strategies.
  • Conduct IT reviews, provide recommendations and produce different kinds of progress reviews & status reports liaising with unit IT heads and GIT section heads.
  • Support the development of IT Frameworks, Methodologies and Approaches.
  • Assist the GIT Management and peers in developing strategies and wide range of management & business reports.
  • Support the assessment of the viability of IT operations and provide recommendations and assistance in implementing corrective measures, project control, project initiation, and project management methodologies.

3.Define IT Projects Scope of Work and Deliverables Coupled with Solution Architecture:

  • Develop project definition and identify specific scope of work, objectives & deliverables.
  • Liaise with Application, Technical Services and Group Processing Hub to define clear solution architectures. 
  • Communicate with business units to manage expectation on the outcomes of projects.
  • Identifies opportunities for improvement and makes constructive suggestions for innovative change.

4.Maintain IT Projects Schedules and Track Project Progress

  • Manage and monitor IT projects and initiatives at group-wide scale for head office and branches.
  • Track project progress and produce regular status reports.
  • Ensure that all project activities, tasks and deliverables are accomplished according to project plans. 

5.Develop IT Projects Organisation, Define Responsibilities & Manage Resources:

  • Define clear IT project organisation chart.
  • Communicate & document clear project responsibilities of stakeholders.
  • Manage all project human resources in light of responsibilities, activities, tasks, deliverables and expectations to achieve all project objectives including vendors/consultants involved. 
  • Manages the development of team by ensuring that project tasks are in line with each resource/contributor capabilities and/or interests.
  • Motivate team & co-workers to attain goals and pursue excellence.

6.Maintain IT Projects Budgets, Manage Costs and Support Development of Annual IT Budgets:

  • Develop and maintain IT projects budgets and manage costs.
  • Support the preparation, development, monitoring and control of IT budgets for head office and branches.
  • Assist business units in term of IT related financial & budget forecasts.

7.Undertake Key Role in the Evaluation and Selection of Systems:

  • Research potential solution providers and systems available to satisfy business requirements.
  • Develop Request for Proposals (RFP), evaluation tools, short-listing and recommendation reports related to system selection process.
  • Discuss with various members of IT and business different aspects of the IT solutions selection process to quantitatively and qualitatively assess such solutions.

8.Undertake Key IT-Related Industrial Research on Market Trends & Best Practices:

  • Support managing and utilising IT-related industrial research & advisory service providers. 
  • Obtain and disseminate IT-related research papers on wide range of areas.
  • Undertake research on:

- IT-related market trend analysis & technology hype-cycles.

- IT-related best practices.

- IT-related vendor & solution capabilities & quadrant reports.

- IT-related maturity model and improvement framework.

9.IT-Related Committees, Workshops and Relationships:

  • Support various IT management activities including preparation of IT Steering Committee presentations.
  • Participate in wide range of IT related committees and workshops.
  • Undertake active role in the IT monthly meetings with units and actively participate in managing the relationships with the units group-wide.

10.Management of IT Strategic Vendors, Solution Providers & Partners:

  • Manage relationships with IT vendors, solution providers and partners.
  • Maximise the benefits for the bank by leveraging on services & capabilities of the solution providers.
  • Negotiate third party contracts to ensure best commercial terms for the Bank.

11.Participate in Other Related Tasks & Responsibilities:

  • Participate in developing standards, policies and guidelines.
  • Participate in providing IT consultancy to ABC units/partners as required.
  • Maintain constant awareness of IT and banking issues arising from business, technological changes.
  • Support ad-hoc requests for general IT information including audit reviews, market surveys, market trends, information findings in connection with IT ventures, projects proposals, business cases & studies, and financial/business justifications.
  • Prepare and manage summer or management trainee programs and supervise trainees 
  • within the department.

Education : 

A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in relevant field

Required Skills

IT Project Manager
Project Management - Banking domain
Project Management and Coordination
IT Strategies & Frameworks
IT Vendor management
Request for Proposals (RFP)
Develop and maintain IT projects budgets and manage costs.