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Today, the mobile is changing the way we work and take the information. People today are hardly offline anymore, which means users today have access to their analytics to make decisions faster based on the insights.   

As such, one might say that dashboards need to be consumed by the mobile device and have the option to give end-clients information data that can be easily absorbed. This becomes interesting because of how much information you have on your phone vs on your desktop.   

What is Mobile Business Intelligence?  

You might probably know what business intelligence (BI) is, however, if you are not aware, business intelligence solutions refer to the technology-driven process of analyzing data and providing actionable insight resources that can be further used to make intelligent business decisions.  

As such, one might say that BI is all about having the perfect information at the ideal opportunity to make the right decisions.  

Consequently, mobile business intelligence simply means the ability to access and perform BI-related data analysis on mobile devices and tablets. It makes it simpler to display KPIs, business metrics, and dashboards. Mobile BI allows users to use and receive the same features and capacities as those in the desktop/app-based BI software.  

Why is Mobile BI Very Important?  

Today, with up gradation in technology, mobile phones’ data storage capacity has increased with their use. You must be able to take fast decisions and act quickly in this fast-paced environment. The number of organizations receiving assistance in these kinds of situations is growing by the day. 

So, in expanding your business or in increasing your business productivity, mobile BI can play an important role, the best thing is that it works with both small and large businesses.  

It doesn’t matter whether you are a CEO or a salesman, business intelligence is here for sure to help you. Today, there’s a huge demand for mobile BI in order to reduce information time and use that time for quick decision making.  

The result of this is that decision-making will happen on time and will help consumer loyalty and work on a venture’s reputation among its clients. It also helps in making quick decisions in the face of emerging risks.  

Data analytics and visualization techniques are very important skills for any team that wants to organize work, develop new project proposals, or want to make clients happy with impressive presentations.   

Advantages of Mobile Business Intelligence (BI) 

Do you have associates or representatives who need to leave their work areas for a part of their job? Do they go to meetings outside or work for the most part offsite and visit clients and sites beyond the workplace? Maybe they work in a physically active job, meaning they rarely see a PC screen? 

These jobs will acquire productivity from mobile BI. 


Here are the greatest benefits of mobile BI for your business and employees: 

Time to Get Data is Decreased 

Let’s assume that you approach the information quickly, maybe in real-time, it will permit you to notice changes quicker and respond all the more quickly. The analytics you have on your mobile phone will empower you to access your data and performance anytime, anyplace. 

Time to Make a Decision Diminished 

With data accessible consistently, you can notice any shifts and trends that happen. This gives you the information you want to pursue decisions anytime and anywhere you end up being. Your business will turn out to be more adaptable. 

Further Developed Decision Making  

Assuming the decisions should be taken on the spot in an area that isn’t a work area, and, in the field, Mobile BI Solutions give substantial confirmation that the decision can be made. There’s less reliance on individuals’ feelings and more confidence in proof-based data. This outcome results in quicker decision-making for organizations that is more solid and based on fact. 

Better Execution 

Suppose if the KPIs and targets are shown continually through smartphones, meeting the objectives is generally at the forefront. Their involvement increases when the objectives are characterized, marks are set to meet the representative’s performance, and workers can monitor how they perform effectively.  

More Income 

Corporate bosses who are more connected with making more informed, information-driven decisions, and business has increased sales. Mobile BI clients can see any changes in the information, diminish risk and quickly take advantage of opportunities as they happen. 

Competitive Advantage & Adaptability 

In the event that you can respond to changes continuously, paying little attention to where you will be, you enjoy a particular advantage over your business rivals. You’ll have the option to identify opportunities quicker, spot patterns before they happen, oversee risks quicker, and better adjust your business to shifts. 

More Sharing of Information 

With admittance to information, anybody can access, request or offer the data they need. Apparently, getting information permits individuals to share data, clarify some questions and discuss. It is not difficult to increase joint effort across departments and groups since everybody knows the power of information data. This can assist you with making a more effective business since storehouses are disposed of, and information is used to its greatest potential. 

Some of the Best Mobile BI Tools 

Si Sense 

Sisense is an adaptable business insight (BI) solution that incorporates strong analytics, visualizations, and reporting capacities for managing and supporting corporate information. 

Organizations can utilize the solution to evaluate huge, various data sets and produce pertinent business insights. You may effortlessly see huge volumes of complex information with Si Sense’s code-first, low-code, and, surprisingly, no-code innovations. Si Sense was laid out in 2004 with its headquarters in New York. 

From that point forward, the team has just made precautionary steps in their investigation. When the organization had gotten $ 4 million in subsidizing from financial backers, they started to speed up its exploration. 

SAP Roambi Analytics 

Roambi Analytics is a BI instrument that offers an answer that permits you to generally reevaluate your information analysis, making it more straightforward and quicker while also increasing your information interaction. 

You can unite your organization’s data in a single tool utilizing SAP Roambi Analytics, which coordinates generally progressing systems and information. The utilization of SAP Roambi analysis is a straightforward three-step strategy. Upload your html or spreadsheet documents first. The data is in this manner changed into informative information or charts, as well as information that might be visualized. 

After the information is gathered, you may effortlessly share it with your preferred gadget. Roambi Analytics was established in 2008 by a team situated in California. 

Microsoft Power BI Pro 

Microsoft’s strength BI is a simple to-involve device for all non-technical entrepreneurs. who are new to BI tools, however, wish to aggregate, analyze, imagine, and share information you just need an essential understanding of Excel and other Microsoft instruments, and on the off chance that you are familiar with these, the Microsoft BI device can be utilized as a self-service tool. 

Microsoft Power BI has a remarkable feature that permits clients to make subsets of information and afterward naturally apply analytics to that data. 

IBM Cognos Analytics  

Cognos Analytics is an IBM-enlisted web-based device. Cognos Analytics is presently merging with Watsons, and the advantages for clients are incredibly exciting. Watson cognos analytics will help with associating and cleaning the clients’ information, bringing about legitimate visualized information.  

That way, the entrepreneur will know where they stand in contrast with their rivals and where they can fill from here in the future. It consolidates reporting, modeling, analysis, and dashboards to assist you with understanding your organization’s information and  make sound business decisions. 


You might be thinking now that these are some of the main benefits of BI; however, thanks to mobile BI, today anyone can enjoy these benefits anywhere and at any time.

Marketing managers would now be able to modify their campaigns while on the move as they observe clicks decrease. Sales professionals can look at their goals and set their sights while traveling.   

Company CEO’s will now be able to talk about the company’s performance with advisors as well as colleagues while they are offsite, informal gathering with the information in their hands.  

The best thing that mobile BI offers is flexibility. 

The above-mentioned benefits of Mobile BI Services are just the beginning of the list and are much more extensive.

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham is a Senior Digital Marketing Manager at ParamInfo Computer Services Pvt Ltd. He is passionate about topics such as SaaS, productivity, Android and iOS, general technology, and business.

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