Mobile Applications

ParamInfo provides a comprehensive solution to all our clients who require mobile applications as process to attain their business objectives taking advantage of the mobility platforms. Our mobile practice has delivered end-to-end enterprise mobility solutions across industry verticals that delivered optimum benefits. Our mobile solutions come with cross-platform and platform-centric development and give a competitive advantage and cost effective design and transformation.

With every business requiring mobility and portability as a required business need to take benefits out of mobile solutions using their customers on the go. We also help our customers who require their web based applications and web portals to be transitioned to mobile apps as well and allow customers to access their web based solutions using their mobile handheld devices from around the world.

In Mobile Services we offer:

  • Mobile Apps cross-platform development
  • Transition from web based application to mobile
  • Customization and modernization of apps
  • Maintenance and support

Android Development

At ParamInfo, we use a mix of native and hybrid mobile development approach. Since android platform is based on open source technologies – a mobile platform for development of apps, our mobile expertise involves the use of various available open source frameworks that are free to download and build apps and implement the android applications. The available android development frameworks help our customer gain the business imperatives by experiencing a fast development approach and take advantage of larger usage of android app by business consumers.

Android as a mobile development platform has taken the front seat with its open source advantages in apps development and leveraging it’s easy to implement and deploy features. Once the apps are developed its easy for you to upload free of cost developed apps at Googleplay. This way your customers are able to readily use and access the apps by downloading as soon as uploaded at Googleplay. This way the android mobile app development and implementation happens much faster than any other mobile platform. ParamInfo’s mobile team help you by developing the relevant apps based on your out of the box customer requirements and also helps implementing the android apps within few days of time and give competitive advantage to our customers also to reduce the time to market giving quality apps and at reduced costs.

Our android development practice help you develop innovative apps involving Enterprise Mobile apps, Games, e-Commerce apps, Retail Store apps, Banking and Financial apps, Social media apps, messaging apps, and many more.

The available android frameworks used as part of our development expertise include:

  • PhoneGap
  • Cocoa Touch
  • Jquery Mobile
  • Sencha Touch and many more

IOS Development

Even though Andoid being the leader in mobile platform development, IOS is also gaining the momentum with 1.2 million apps at Apple Store ready to be downloaded and used by apple users. Working as an IOS application development expertise, our mobile team implemented several IOS apps for industries such as, retail store apps, mobile e-commerce business apps and built apps for making the retail sales more profitable. Our experience and knowledge in this area made us follow a process by researching and studying the consumer’s behavior and other users involved, the cases in which the app will be executed use the right-mix of business requirements and technology. Our experience and skills made us develop apps that give better user experience, quality to its users and a cost benefit to our customers. We also help our customer providing testing services that follow the best practices to deliver a defect free product.

ParamInfo mobile practice brings you innovative solutions IOS platform that allows you to make your iPhone more useful than just a communication device. We provide advanced and easy to use iPhone app Development Services with customer-centric approach. We follow a process keeping in mind that all our client requirements are relevant and also follow a plan religiously to deliver on time every project.

Our IOS application development method includes:

  • Understand your requirements and defining project scope accordingly
  • Assess feasibility, analyze and plan
  • Follow coding standards and guidelines for applications by following Apple Store guidelines
  • Always keep you updated on the progress of app and to provide you after sale support and services
  • Ensure that your application is updated from time to time with new features

Windows Mobile Development

Windows Mobile OS is one of the largest implemented Operating Systems platform on the mobile specifically for the windows handheld Devices. Our experienced team at ParamInfo has the expertise in developing windows mobile Applications using C++ and C#.

We have experience in developing applications that require a seamless Syncing with Microsoft Office to games that run on windows mobile devices.

ParamInfo has experience of programming for touch screen to develop applications that use the accelerometer in the Windows Mobile Phones. We leverage our experience on the Windows DirectX platform, we also provide complete 3D solutions for applications and games using the DirectX and DirectDraw APIs on the Windows Mobile Platform. In combination with the Windows Live platform we offer a complete set of feature that leverages the GPS and Microsoft Virtual Earth Maps API.

Our windows mobile apps development team helps you take advantage of the Microsoft technologies and build user friendly windows apps capable of handling all your business requirements with affordable costing and a faster development approach.