Microsoft Technologies

Microsoft Technology Services

Our Microsoft practice includes consulting, development, software support, and maintenance offering services in the Middle East, Asia Pacific and in the US. Microsoft has been a sought after technology with a strong stack and a mix of tools and features for all your business needs. ParamInfo partners with Microsoft technologies helps you develop comprehensive solutions using the Asp.Net as frontend, .Net middle-tier platform and SQL server at the backend technology for development of frameworks, and web based application allowing our customers to take complete advantage of our Microsoft practice and its latest technologies. We at ParamInfo make our customers utilize our core competencies and expertise in the Microsoft technologies by taking advantage of the cost effective, robust and high performance solutions making them ahead of the competition in the marketplace.

.Net Technologies

As our core competencies in Microsoft technologies we leverage the latest .Net frameworks and build custom solutions as .Net is a feature-rich framework to have a native development with managed code. Microsoft .Net can be used as a common platform for majority of the development tasks. Henceforth, we at ParamInfo use .Net as the core technology for an out-of-the-box solution development for you. Using .Net you leverage and achieve the business objectives and bring your idea into a real-time solution for managing the day-to-day business activities.

.Net Framework Architecture

Web Based Technologies

We at ParamInfo design, build and implement web based solutions by taking advantage of the web and cloud platform capabilities in bringing in your business to real world. As a web based solution, we articulate and bring in a user friendly Interface for your customers with the web based access and a robust SQL server at the backend to store your valuable data. Now, with the advancement of technology the need of the hour is to leverage the cloud computing capabilities, we also offer a comprehensive web based application hosted at the cloud and avoiding large IT infrastructure requirement making it cutting edge technology, more cost effective solution for the present century businesses and an enhanced accessibility to its customers.


With the decade old experience, we at ParamInfo are highly skilled in developing and implementation of the windows application solutions. We help our customers to utilize the best suited technologies to develop their business solution mostly using .Net, ASP.Net, XML, PHP, Mysql, HTML, CSS, XML etc. Our efficiency also lies in porting of the legacy application to .Net based application that will be extremely useful for our exclusive clients.

Microsoft Dynamics Services

When our customers partner with us for Microsoft Dynamics, you can drastically transform the way your organization manipulate and uses information. Leverage ParamInfo’s proven expertise to help your organization speedup, take smarter decisions. Our consulting services follow this approach by facilitate training, assessment, planning and implementation to get your Microsoft Dynamics transformation right the first time.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Manage the interaction with your contacts — customers and potential customers — efficiently and smartly.

Microsoft Dynamics AX: Delivers pre-built, robust, industry leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) capabilities that are proven to be out of the box, with proven functionality for manufacturing (process, discrete, and lean), distribution, and retail, public sector and various other service industries

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics Services:
  • One point across Microsoft Dynamics technologies
  • Reduce vulnerabilities, cost and time to implement
  • Enhance the performance, quality and reliability

A study has been conducted in 2013 on the popularity and its implementation across various industry practices.


SharePoint Practice is one of the proven and demanding technologies for collaboration and sharing of business files, data with your co-workers, colleagues, business partners used for all the business requirements helping our customers to take advantage of the content management system by managing their content and publishing it with ease at their intranet, internet portal or websites. Our SharePoint expertise is in infrastructure customizations, administration practice help manage the documents, store documents and secure the documents from unauthorized access.

The following are the core SharePoint services we offer to our clients:

Design and Deploy

ParamInfo has core expertise in designing a better SharePoint solution that allows our clients to leverage the advanced SharePoint features and mould these features to adapt to business practices as per their routine work activities, and we partner with our clients in deployment of the SharePoint solution on site and on-premise.

Document Management and Custom Solutions

SharePoint provides a robust platform for documentation that helps in customizing the solution to meet the client expectation in terms of document management like, check-in, check-out, version control, manage metadata, and manage workflows. Every successful business would like to transform their business capabilities by leveraging SharePoint customizable features and we help our clients to take advantage and build a custom solution for all their SharePoint portals or websites.

Office 365

The Microsoft’s Office 365 platform is revolutionary platform that can be implemented as one solution for all your business needs. Office 365 comes with integration to Outlook, MS Office applications, SharePoint and Lync. Office 365 helps you login to your business application from anywhere, any device and it uses cloud platform for storage of data and files. Businesses can take complete advantage of office 365 when implemented for their daily operations, it’s one comprehensive and a cost effective office solution that can be easily tuned in as per your business and operational requirements to a great extent. An ideal and collaborative approach of Office 365 platform that is ever produced by Microsoft. At Param Info, we implement Office 365 for all your business needs and also assist you in customizations. Microsoft provides 24/7 support for all the owners who purchase Office 365.