Infrastructure & Security

As part of infrastructure and security solutions, ParamInfo provides various solutions that caters to our customer IT business requirements. The specific solutions we offer as infrastructure services for existing and new organization setups includes:

Data Center Setup

In this advanced world where business Data Centers play a vital role and are important resources for any organization for continuous functioning of its computing systems and thereby keep continuity in exchange of information and communication on a day to day basis. During setting up a Data Center, our primary aim is to provide our customers with the required physical environment, servers, hardware, networking connectivity and technical management skills necessary to keep Internet running 24/7. We also strive and plan to provision for you necessary expansion in future for addition of servers, bandwidth and required devices and hardware.

In the data centers, data storage and backup solution is considered as one of the integral part. Our solution offers de-duplication backup software and systems provide fast, daily full backups and single step data recovery. We also provide cloud backup facilities to the important business and corporate data with improved capabilities to store efficiently, and restore and backup facilities. Our cloud services partners provide all kinds of storage services at a secured way with affordable costs.

Our important aspects of data backup and recovery solution:
  • Fast, daily full backups
  • Optimized for virtual environments
  • Variable-length de-duplication
  • One step recovery
  • Encryption for data security