Cloud and IOT

Cloud has been the major transformation in IT enterprise solutions, the ‘cloud first’ approach in the enterprises brings the readiness to transition from an in-premise traditional server practice to a cloud based environment to take the competitive advantage in the marketplace. Parm Info allows you to implement a full proof and comprehensive cloud solution considering your business practices and need. We help you in successfully implementing cloud hosted applications taking advantage of the hybrid, public and virtual cloud environments.

We help you take advantage of the cloud enabled services and making your business more profitable with reduction in your IT infrastructure spending and making cloud ready practices the ‘talk of the day’ in the enterprise community.

Cloud Service Offerings:

  • Application development
  • Customization and modernization
  • Migration from web based to cloud based environment
  • Cloud integration services
  • Management, Testing and Support

IOT (Internet of things) allow seamless connectivity to your physical devices – an all new world with a virtual connectivity access from anywhere to most of your daily usage devices and appliances. We enable your devices more accessible from anywhere around the world with the implementation of IOT

Benefits of Cloud & IOT Enabled Services:

  • Reduction in IT Infrastructure costs
  • Secured platform for your business data
  • Access anytime, anywhere with virtual servers in the cloud
  • Increased portability and virtualization
  • Access your physically devices and appliances from anywhere around the globe
  • Enterprise level advantage of public and virtual cloud environment
  • Reduce resources to manage servers and your datacenter devices
  • Reduce time in implementation of applications by faster hosting over the cloud