BI and DW

BI and DW (Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse)

ParamInfo allows you to take advantage of the Microsoft BI Practice and use the specific and important business data to generate and develop real-time reporting, analytics and dash boarding capabilities that gives the insight to your business reports and allow your management and decision makers to take the strategic business decisions with the use of Microsoft’s latest SQL and BI tools.

With our BI expertise and knowledge in this field, we collaborate with our customers to resolve their key challenges in four easy steps and ensuring that the data being used is helping them take strategic and important decisions:

  • Management Dashboards & Reporting Center – Customization as per business need
  • Real Time BI – to address the business and strategic decisions
  • Ad Hoc Analysis & Reports – Information above the usual reports
  • Forecasting – Helps in reduction of planning Process

At ParamInfo, we treat data warehouse as an integral part of BI system a central repository of data that is frequently refreshed at regular intervals by an extract, transform and load process often described as ETL. Our Microsoft Practice keeps our clients secured data by provision of a dedicated Data warehouse design, and also to build a dedicated data warehouse for managing and storing large volumes of business data in a secured environment.